On Her Own

On Her Own

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 2
On Her Own cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 2
On Her Own

Nancy’s breaking the story… and it’s sure to break some hearts.

Life at Wilder University is proving to be full of surprises and scandals. Bess is beginning to think that Brian Daglian is different from all the guys she’s gone out with before… and she’s about to find out why. And George has been asked out by the most popular guy around — quarterback Scooter Berenson– only to end up the most hated person on campus!

Nancy, meanwhile, has signed on with Wilder Times, the university paper, and she may soon break a story about Scooter that could leave him in disgrace or even in danger. But first, she must deal with Ned, who’s coming up for the weekend. And the way she’s feeling about her new life, his visit could mark the biggest break of all.

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