Over the Edge

Over the Edge

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 36
Over the Edge cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 36
Over the Edge

Oregon’s Club High
Adventure takes Nancy
to new heights of danger

Owner Marva Phillips asks Nancy Drew to join her at Club High Adventure. High-risk sports are the specialty of the house, but there’s been a series of threats against Marva’s guests. Someone’s playing rough and pushing the club to the edge of disaster.

When Nancy investigates, she discovers that all kinds of games are being played behind Marva’s back. Businessman Roger Coleman is determined to buy the club, and Marva’s fiancĂ©, Gil Forrest, sees a chance to get rich quick. Suspicious accidents in hang gliding and rock climbing put several guests in peril, but Nancy must play the most dangerous game of all. She has to find out who is trying to sabotage the resort — before the saboteur resorts to murder!

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