Party Weekend

Party Weekend

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 10
Party Weekend cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 10
Party Weekend

You are cordially invited to attend a formal weekend of fun and surprises. Dress up and look out!

Bess’ new boyfriend, Paul, is on the organizing committee of Black & White Nights, a weekend charity event featuring plenty of music, dancing, and games. Nancy and Jake, who’ve been together a lot lately, both volunteer to help out. The first night is a huge success, but before the party’s over, the blast could go bust.

One distraction is the arrival of Charley Stern. He’s Casey’s boyfriend and a hot TV heartthrob, and he’s got a major surprise for her — if he ever gets a chance to spring it. Matters are heating up in the charity casino, as well. Someone has walked off with the first night’s proceeds. When the chips are down, it’s up to Nancy to make a play… and catch a thief!

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