Pets on Parade

Pets on Parade

Nancy Drew Clue Book - Book 6
Pets on Parade cover art
Nancy Drew Clue Book – Book 6
Pets on Parade

A Costume Catastrophe!

THE SCENE: The Howl-a-ween Pet Parade

THE FACTS: Nancy’s dog, Chip, wins the pet costume contest and gets to lead the annual Howl-a-ween Pet Parade!

THE CRIME: Chip’s vampire costume is making him act very strange! Is someone–or something— trying to ruin Chip’s big day?


  • Deirdre, who really wanted her dog, Princess Pom-Pom, to win the contest
  • Felipe Gomez, dog-training superstar
  • The ghost of Murray the Monster Mutt–Nancy’s not one for believing in ghost stories, but sometimes you have to trust your instincts… right?

THE MISSION: It’s up to the Clue-Crew–and you–to figure out what’s haunting Chip!

Nancy, Bess, and George solve a doggone puzzler of a mystery during the annual River Heights Halloween Pet Parade in the sixth book in an all-new, interactive Nancy Drew chapter book mystery series.

Nancy, Bess, and George are gearing up for a weekend of River Heights Halloween activities, including the annual Howl-A-Ween Pet Parade! All the kids get to dress up their pets and march with them up Main Street. Nancy’s dog, Chocolate Chip, is even picked to lead the parade atop a festive hay wagon float!

But right before show time, Chip starts whining, running in circles, and burrowing into the hay! When Nancy can’t calm her down, the parade officials remove her as the leader!

Nancy, Bess, and George wonder if something—or someone—made Chip act that way. Nancy pulls out her clue book; the Clue Crew is on the case! Who’s behind Chip’s strange doggy behavior? Is it Deidre Shannon, who was mad that Chip was chosen over her princess puppy Pom-Pom to lead the parade? Felipe the Pet Trainer, who wanted a dog he was training to lead the parade? Or is it—yikes!—the ghost of Murray the Monster Mutt? Will the Clue Crew crack this case before all the River Heights pets go batty?

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