Poison Pen

Poison Pen

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 60
Poison Pen cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 60
Poison Pen

A back-page advice column
puts Nancy on the front line
of crime

The headline-grabbing letter in Brenda Carlton’s advice column has stirred up a hornet’s next in River Heights, and someone’s bound to get stung. The unsigned letter is from a woman who claims she’s about to be murdered — by her own husband! Nancy must find the woman and find out if she’s really in danger.

The evidence indicates that Mrs. Keating, the wife of a prominent banker, wrote the letter. After a car accident with Brenda, Mrs. Keating claims that her brake lines were cut. Now it’s up to Nancy to uncover the proof. A false accusation could ruin Mr. Keating’s career… or cost Mrs. Keating her life!

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