Power of Suggestion

Power of Suggestion

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 80
Power of Suggestion cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 80
Power of Suggestion

It’s a case of mind over matter
when Nancy looks for the brains
behind a murder

Nancy and Bess are psyched. They’re visiting Emerson College as guests of Ned Nickerson on the weekend of the year’s biggest frat house bash. But before the fun begins, tragedy strikes. Research assistant Wayne Perkins has turned up dead, and the police suspect Ned’s frat brother Parker Wright was a party to the murder!

Nancy investigates Parker’s involvement in a study designed to test the powers of suggestion over the subconscious mind. And the more she looks into the project, the more convinced she becomes that Parker Wright was wronged. Someone has turned the experiment in mind control into an experiment in terror — and the next subject could be Nancy Drew!

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