Pure Poison

Pure Poison

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 29
Pure Poison cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 29
Pure Poison

Someone who
knows too much
is dying to tell all…

Nancy is urgently summoned to Washington, D.C., by her old friend Senator Marilyn Kilpatrick. When Nancy arrives on Capitol Hill, the senator — fearing her office is bugged — escorts Nancy to the street to talk. It seems that gossip columnist Beverly Bishop is about to publish a nasty exposé that will ruin lives, including Senator Kilpatrick’s.

When Nancy visits the gossip columnist, she realizes that Beverly will stop at nothing to get her treacherous book into print, no matter who gets hurt. But will one of Beverly’s intended victims try to get back at her? And can Nancy persuade Beverly not to write the final, poisonous chapter?

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