Race Against Time

Race Against Time

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Book 66
Race Against Time cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 66
Race Against Time

When a valuable racehorse named Shooting Star is stolen from Rainbow Ranch, Nancy becomes embroiled in a feud between two ornery men. Accusations fly as Nancy is asked to find the missing horse and the thief.

At the same time, the young detective’s friend, Ned Nickerson, and his newly-formed college film club have asked Nancy to star in a movie. But the abandoned Victorian mansion in the woods chosen as the film’s setting seems to invite disaster. No sooner do the movie-makers start work than the estate’s stable mysteriously burns down!

As other attempts are made to harass the group, Nancy’s investigation becomes more and more perilous. Will she be able to follow the surprising clues to conclude her intriguing search?

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