Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough

Version 1.4 11/23/09

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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Videogame humor: http://www.gamecola.net/
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew: Ransom
of the Seven Ships. It's game #20 in the Nancy Drew series!

If you want to contact me, e-mail ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com,
but make the subject something like "Nancy Drew Ransom of the
Seven Ships" (or just leave it blank) so I know it's not spam

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permission first.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and she's
trying to find her kidnapped friend Bess and a hidden treasure.

The Gibsons: The people who own the island Nancy and her friends
are staying at. They are on vacation for the entirety of the

Bess Marvin: Nancy's good friend, who has been kidnapped!

George Fayne: Nancy's other good friend (and Bess' cousin) who
is working hard to help find Bess.

Johnny Rolle: A Jamaican beach bum with a big secret he doesn't
want anyone to know about.


The game starts with Nancy taking you to her room. You can click
on the "How to be a Detective" for a short explanation of the
game's control scheme--which is unnecessary if you've played the
other Nancy Drew games and can remember how to play.

You can click on the scrapbook to look at descriptions of the
other games in the series. You can click on the case file to
learn about the current case as well.

Once you're done with that, click on the plane ticket and pick
either senior or junior detective to start the game!

Exploring the Eco-Tourism Resort
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The game starts with Nancy flying to Dread Isle in the Bahamas
to meet up with her friends George Fayne and Bess Marvin. The
island is so remote that you have to use a floatplane to get

Nancy lands, and her friend George appears with horrible news--
Bess has been KIDNAPPED! The kidnappers apparently knew Nancy
was coming to the island, too, judging from how the ransom note
addresses her by name.

George is going to work on getting the satellite phones to work,
while Nancy is going to work on the ransom demands.

There are a few things you can do here in the eco-tourism
resort. In one corner of the room is Coucou the Parrot, who will
do tricks in exchange for fruit. In Junior Mode, she will also
give hints in exchange for fruit. You can get fruit from the
primate research facility.

What's the primate research facility? See the map on the wall
near George. It's a map of the island, which details the various
places you can visit and different routes. The places you can
visit are the resort, Shark Cove, Bat Steep, Blue Hole and the
Primate Research Facility.

You can leave out the front door of the resort and walk onto the
beach. Keep going forward to find a sailboat. Or at least, it
would be, if it had any sails.

You can also leave out the side door to find the shed, which is
locked. There's a broken golf cart there as well.

Also in this room is a book which tells you about El Toro's
treasure (the treasure the kidnappers have ordered you to find).
On the wall, there's a poster of International Nautical Flags,
above a display case about bats and monkeys. You can examine the
bat display case to learn that the sonar device needs a battery,
and you can pick up a pamphlet on the monkeys in the monkey
display case.

There is also a locked supply closet in the corner.

Solving Some Puzzles
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
There are several puzzles you can solve here before leaving the
eco-tourism resort.

1) Getting diving equipment out of the supplies closet
2) Opening the shed
3) Opening the lock to the sail bin
4) Getting the golf cart working
5) Fixing the bat sonar battery

1) Opening the supplies closet.

The closet has a security lock. You need to get all the squares
to be dark green in order to solve the puzzle. If you label the
squares like this:

1   2  3  4  5
6   7  8  9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25

Junior Mode:

Press 7, 10, 15, 25, 22, and 21.

Senior Mode:

Press 8, 9, 4, 10, 14, 10, 5 and 20.

Inside the closet is diving equipment and some walkie-talkies
(which you can use to switch between George and Nancy). There is
a map with markings on every place where Nancy has solved a
mystery. Have the Gibsons been keeping tabs on Nancy? Or have
the kidnappers been keeping tabs on Nancy? Or are the Gibsons
the kidnappers? Who knows?

You can always refill your diving tank at this area whenever you
want to.

2) Opening the shed

Opening the shed isn't that difficult. As soon as you find out
the shed is locked, all you have to do is ask George about it,
and she'll give you the key.

You want to take the shovel out of the shed so you can dig
things on the beach.

3) Opening the lock to the sail bin

Inside the shed is a locked sail bin. You'll notice there are
pictures of sails on top of it. Well, if you check the chart of
sails on the wall, you'll notice that each sail stands for a

The sails spell out 79204, and that's the combination to the
sail bin. Open it up to get sails, which you can put on the sail
boat to go sailing anywhere you want to.

4) Getting the golf cart working

Inside the shed is a device that puts water into the golf cart.
Grab it and put it on the engine.

This is a math puzzle. The goal is to get all parts of the
engine to equal 100. You can fill as many parts of the engine as
you like at once, but you can only fill 60 at a time. That is,
if you fill one part, it fills up 60. If you fill up 2 parts,
they both fill up 30. If you fill up 3 parts, they all fill up
20. If you fill up 4 parts, they all fill up 15, and so on.

Junior Mode:

Fill the bottom/left, middle/left, middle/right and bottom/right
all together.
Fill the bottom/left engine part by itself.
Fill the bottom/right and middle/right together.
Fill the middle/left, middle/right and bottom/right together.
Fill the middle/left, middle/right and bottom/right together.

Senior Mode:

Fill all six engine parts together.
Fill the upper/left, bottom/left, bottom/right and middle/right
Fill the bottom/left, upper/right and middle/right together.
Fill the upper/right and middle/left together.
Fill the upper/left by itself.

Once you do that, you can drive the golf cart anywhere on the

5) Fixing the bat sonar battery

You need to put the batteries in the bat sonar device. The big
battery goes in the lower/right, and the circular battery goes
in the lower/left. The square battery goes on the top, in the

Finding where the batteries go is semi-easy, because they snap
into place when you're close.

The taller of the two remaining batteries goes in the bottom
row, whereas the wider of the two remaining batteries goes in
the left column.

Now, you just have to fill out the circuit board with those
white things. Right-click to rotate them. Put them all into
place, which is not too difficult, and the puzzle is solved.

The bat sonar is still missing a battery, though. You'll find
one later, but for now, you've done all you can do at the Eco-
Tourism Resort! On to exploring the island!

Finding El Toro's Journal
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The first place you want to visit after getting the golf cart to
work is Shark Cove, because the note from the kidnappers says to
go there and solve a puzzle. You solve the puzzle by finding the
buried treasure.

Yar, buried treasure. This game has a pirate theme, in case you
didn't notice from the buried treasure, sunken ships, parrots
and monkeys.

The puzzle is not all that hard. You have to walk in the
direction opposite of each item you end up standing next to.  If
it's a palm tree with three branches, you take three steps away
from it.  If it's four rocks, you take four steps away from it.
If it's one rock, you take one step away from it, and so on.

They also want you to multiply. Once you figure out how many
steps you have to take, multiply it by the number on the sheet.
So, using the north/south/east/west directions you find and
multiplying them correctly, you'll get this:

1. Go 3 south of the W.
2. 3W times 1 = 3W
3. 3N times 3 = 9N
4. 3W times 3 = 9W
5. 2N times 1 = 2N
6. 1W times 3 = 3W
7. 3S times 5 = 15S
8. 4W times 1 = 4W
9. 2S times 3 = 6S
10. 4E times 3 = 12E
11. 5N times 1 = 5N
12. 3E times 2 = 6E
13. 4S times 1 = 4S
14. 4E times 2 = 8E
15. 2N times 1 = 2N

So walk 3 south, 3 west, 9 north, 9 west, etc. etc. until the
end, where you right-click to dig up the treasure. If you didn't
get the shovel from the shed, you'll have to go back and get it
to solve this challenge.

El Toro's journal is cool, but it's in code. You'll have to
decode it. This is a cryptogram puzzle--each symbol stands for a
certain letter. Figure out which symbol stands for which letter
to decode the entire thing.

Normally, the best way to go about solving cryptograms is by
looking for common words, such as "the", "and", "it", "is", "a"
and so on.

Here are the decoded messages:

In the black of night, with hurricane winds wailing and giant
waves pounding, I ordered my fleet to change course and make for
land. But with this island in sight, the Caridad foundered and
disappeared into the sea, while the Castidad was set ablaze when
lightning ignited her sails and sank amid the smoke and flames.
The remaining five ships managed to reach the island, where we
dropped anchor, and waited out the tempest. 

The light of dawn revealed catastrophic damage. Only a third of
my men survived. Worse, not one of my ships is salvageable. None
shall ever sail again. We are shipwrecked. The only hope we have
of ever leaving this accursed place is to be seen by a passing
ship. Lest it be a pirate ship, I have undertaken to hide our
cargo. As a loyal servant of the King, it is my duty. 

Seven ships set sail, and so seven pieces shall open the seal. I
have tasked each surviving ships' crew with hiding a single
item, its location known only to them and to me. Securing the
treasure itself shall be my task alone. I write this in English
so that no one here with me will know how to find it. In this
manner, any attempt to force the location of the treasure from
my men will be fruitless. 

More Buried Treasure
Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships at IGN.com
Part of the journal is still in code, and you're not going to be
able to decode it until you get ANOTHER buried treasure. What's
this buried treasure? Why, it's mentioned on page 3 of the
journal. It's where a ship sank, one nautical mile southeast of
the island.

Go to the sailboat and sail there. If you need help sailing, you
can read the book on the boat to learn about catching the wind.
While you're sailing, you may find bottles with scraps of paper
inside. Collect them all to find a hidden puzzle that details
how to get an Easter egg (something I discuss later on in this

When you reach your destination, Nancy can scuba dive using the
scuba gear found in the diving supplies closet. And while scuba
diving is cool...it's relatively useless. How can you find a
buried treasure here when you don't know where the treasure is?

Sail back to the mainland and drive to Sangre Beach. Here you
meet the other person on the island: Johnny Rolle, a Jamaican
beach bum who doesn't like to be bothered.

Ask Johnny for a battery for the bat sonar, and he says he will
give it to you if you retrieve a beacon he lost in the northeast
part of the sailing map, between two rocks. You can do this now
if you want to--in fact, you can do most of the puzzles in this
game in any order--but to keep my guide somewhat organized, I'm
going to ignore that for now and instead, focus on finishing the
mini-section here on how to get the second buried treasure.

Ask Johnny if you can borrow his metal detector, and he says he
will give it to you if you retrieve his compass from the
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So, it's off the primate research facility!

There are three monkeys at the primate research facility. The
one of the left, old Notch Ear, has a throwing game where you
throw coconuts at targets for points. Each target is worth a
different amount of points.

Lizard = 1
Shell = 2
Starfish = 3
Crab = 4
Mango = 5

You get 24 throws in 3 rounds (that's 8 throws per round). Try
to get more points than the monkey to win!

The monkey in the middle has a spinning game. Spin the wheel,
and it will land on a number from 1 to 6. Your piece moves that
many spaces, and the first one to 26 wins!

Don't land on spot 13, or you'll be sent back to start. If you
land on another piece, you're sent back to start, too (unless
you are past spot 15, in which case you just go back two

The monkey on the right has a color game. You want to fill up as
much of the board as you can with your two colors: blue and
green. The trick is that two spaces which are touching can never
be filled with the same color. The monkey and you alternate
turns, and whoever has filled in more of the board at the end of
the game is the winner.

Whenever you win, you get offered a choice of three prizes. One
of the prizes is always a guava. You can eat the guavas or give
them to Coucou.

Right now, the prizes you want to get are Johnny Rolle's compass
from the monkey on the left, and the colored dial from the
monkey on the right.

If you stopped at Blue Hole and noticed that a pulley is
missing, you can get a pulley from the monkey on the right.

Once you get Johnny Rolle's compass, go back to him, and he'll
give you his metal detector.
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
So, now that you have the metal detector, you can return to the
area with the sunken ship and use the metal detector to find the
buried treasure (which is near the ship).

The treasure is locked. If you label the colors on the left as 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (where yellow = 1, green = 2, etc.), the
solutions are this:

Junior Mode:

1 2 3  9 4 7  6 8 5
4 5 6  8 2 1  7 9 3
7 8 9  5 3 6  4 1 2

9 6 2  4 7 5  8 3 1
8 1 4  3 9 2  5 6 7
3 7 5  1 6 8  9 2 4

2 9 1  6 5 4  3 7 8
6 4 8  7 1 3  2 5 9
5 3 7  2 8 9  1 4 6

Senior Mode:

4 7 9  6 5 3  8 1 2
1 3 6  8 7 2  5 4 9
5 8 2  4 1 9  6 7 3

6 5 8  2 4 1  3 9 7
7 9 4  3 6 8  2 5 1
2 1 3  7 9 5  4 6 8

9 2 7  5 8 4  1 3 6
3 4 1  9 2 6  7 8 5
8 6 5  1 3 7  9 2 4

Inside the treasure chest is an astrolabe and colored dial. You
can use the astrolabe to decode the rest of El Toro's journal by
turning it over. See, you now have new symbols to decode, and
this time, symbols can stand for more than one letter!

And, all the five pages have the same code, so you'll want to
flip back and forth between the pages to decode all of them.
Or...just copy what you see here.

1. Befriended one of the families of bats that call this island
home. Their gargantuan ears and winged antics provide much
needed laughter for my men as the creatures devour the insects
attracted to our lantern. The cave which they call home has
become a safe haven to us. 

2. Explored the interior of the isle searching for supplies.
From its highest point, found a view most worthy. Half a fathom
tall, the astrolabe guides the way to a flying dove and a watery

3. Discovered a bounty of seafood at Halfmoon reef. Divers swim
down to the secret entombed behind death. Two form a perfect
square times three, three create four, four makes five. Then
they return to the surface, prize in hand.

4. A challenge issued today by Generosidad's cabin boy, Manuel,
to helmsman, Andres, for ownership of a hammock which washed
ashore. Pointing to two three hundred kg rocks, Manuel proposed
that whoever lifted one of them first would win. Andres, the
stronger by far, quickly accepted. He had not yet budged his
rock when Manuel, having used six loops of a fifty foot rope
over pulleys, raised his with ease and walked off with the

5. More losses at the Blue Hole when a group of men dove in and
lost their bearings. Danger! Heed this warning: Death awaits all
who enter these caves unprepared. Poisonous guardians of the
deep strike with no warning. Stay away! Only those who follow
the signs will find their way.

Decoding all of El Toro's journal lets you solve more puzzles,
such as...

Rope Pulley Puzzle
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This is a simple puzzle. Go to the Blue Hole to notice that a
pulley is missing, having been stolen by a monkey with an extra
toe. To get it back, go to the monkey research facility and win
it from the monkey on the right.

Then return to Blue Hole and put the pulley in place. El Toro's
journal says that you need to arrange the rope on the pulleys
with 30 feet left over.

What El Toro neglects to mention is that there are rocks, and if
the rope crosses the rocks, it will break if you pull it.

El Toro's journal labels the wheels as:

A  D
C  B

Fill the rope on the wheels by clicking them in this order: B A
D B C D. Then pull on the rope to solve the puzzle and receive a
colored dial.

Astrolabe Puzzle
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
El Toro's journal says you can use the astrolabe at the highest
point of the island to find new places to sail to. The highest
point on the island is Bat Steep!

If you haven't already, climb up to the top of Bat Steep and see
that the monkeys are blocking your way. Return to the Eco-
Tourism Resort and press the buttons on the monkey display to
learn that those monkeys want a sea urchin that they think is a
ball. You can sail to the area with the buried treasure to find
the sea urchin near some brain corral. That's part of the

Another part of the puzzle is finding something to put the
astrolabe on. El Toro's journal says you need something half a
fathom tall. Guess what's that tall? Coucou's perch!

Ask Coucou for a perch. She sends you off to find a new perch.
You can go to Sangre Beach, Blue Hole or Shark Cove (which is
closest) to find driftwood for a perch. It may take a few tries
to find a piece of driftwood Coucou is pleased with, as she
sometimes comes up with various requirements such as "no bark"
or "three branches".

Once you get the perch, climb up to the top of Bat Steep. Put
the perch there, then place the astrolabe atop it. El Toro's
journal has a minor puzzle here, which tells you how to move the

To find Dove Isle, you move the telescope clockwise 20 degrees,
counter-clockwise 80 degrees, clockwise 10 degrees and counter-
clockwise 110 degrees.

All in all, that's 70 degrees to the northeast, so move the
astrolabe in that direction (make sure not to have it facing 70
degrees to the southeast--the two are easy to confuse) and look
through it to find Dove Isle. Nancy says something when you do
it correctly.

Half Moon Reef is 40 degrees to the southeast. 

Both Dove Isle and Half Moon Reef have puzzles on them, and I'll
give each area its own minisection.

Dove Isle
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
Sail to Dove Isle. When Nancy lands, she notices something that
has the word Atocha on it. The Atocha was one of El Toro's

Nancy calls George, asking her if she knows what date the Atocha
sank. There's a coin that describes this in the shed, but thanks
to the thieving monkeys, the coin isn't there.

George has to drive to the monkey research facility and win the
coin from the monkey in the middle. Then, call Nancy to tell her
that the date is 6 9 1622.

Turn the dials on the device to 6 9 1622, which is tricky
because moving some dials sometimes moves other dials. It's not
too tricky, however, and you can get all the dials in place
quickly to get two rules of conduct and a coin.

This coin is another puzzle. Go to Shark Cove. Remember the area
where you dug up El Toro's journal? Now that you have a metal
detector, you can dig up more treasure. Hunt around this area,
and you'll find animal coins, Bess' bracelet, a bunch of
garbage, and a sliding thing with six extensions.

You want to slide the various animal coins into the middle of
the sliding thing until they resemble the coin you got from the
Atocha puzzle. The sliding thing is missing three coins at the
start--the coins on the left hand side and the coin in the
bottom right.

That's your clue--those are the coins you need. Dig them up,
then return to the sliding thing.

Slide the donkey coin (the one on the upper/left) into the
middle. Rotate the camel coin (the one in the lower/left)
clockwise, then move it to the middle. Rotate the dove coin (the
one in the lower/right) clockwise three times, then move it to
the middle.

Puzzle solved! You get a colored dial.

Half Moon Reef
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
Sail to Half Moon Reef (which looks a bit like a seahorse) and
dive down. Try not to touch the jellyfish as you dive.

Go to the bottom/left corner of the screen, where you find some
shells. Pick one up, then head to the middle/right part of the
screen where there is an octopus guarding something. Put the
shell on the rightmost pad, that is, the one furthest from the
octopus. The octopus will then leave the hole to grab the shell.

You now have free access to the puzzle here. El Toro's journal
says you must move two to make three, three to make four, four
to make five. What does he mean? He means squares!

Move two lines to make three squares. Do this by moving the
bottommost line on the right hand side, and the leftmost line in
the middle, thus forming three squares.

_ _ _        _ _
 |_ _|      |_|_|
   |_   to    |_|

Then, you need to move three lines to make four squares.

    _            _
  _|_ _        _|_|
_|_|   |  to  |_|_
 |_ _|        |_|_|

Then, move four lines to make five squares.

   _ _          _
 _|  _|       _|_|_
|_ _ _|  to  |_|_|_|
|_|_|          |_|

Your reward is a colored dial. Surface, but not too quickly,
because that could be fatal (just like it is with real life sea

GPS Puzzle, Bat Detecting
Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Sre>even Ships at IGN.com
If you haven't already, go to the Blue Hole and dive in to
notice that it's too dark to see anything.

Why? Because you're going to go see Johnny Rolle. Nancy will ask
him for some underwater glowsticks, and he says he'll give them
to her if she programs his GPS. He gives you a map of things to
program in.

You can use the information in the book on the sailboat to learn
how maps work, if you want. Each line on this map represents
three minutes. All the locations you program are:

Dread Isle N24:00, W73:24
Bermuda Triangle N24:18, W73:27
Shipwreck Shoals N24:06, W74:00
USS Cyclops N24:09, W73:42
Gull Rock N23:51, W73:48
Kraken Whirlpool N23:54, W74:12
Danger Reef N24:09, W74:18
Half Moon Bay N23:57, W74:30

And while you're talking with Johnny Rolle, you might as well
give him his beacon. Remember, he asked for you to find his
beacon between the two rocks northwest of the island, and in
exchange, he said he'd give you a battery for the bat detector.
So make sure to give him the beacon to get the battery, stick it
into the bat detector, and you're ready to go.

If your bat detector isn't fixed yet, go up to the "solving some
puzzles" section for the solution.

The bat display at the Eco-Tourism resort shows the various
kinds of bats that live on the island. El Toro's journal
mentions bats with gargantuan ears. Putting those two pieces of
information together, you can tell that El Toro is talking about
the Waterhouse's Leaf Nosed Bat, which responds to 16 KmHz on
the bat detector.

Where are bats in this game? Bat Steep, of course! Drive there
and climb the wall!

There are five bat caves at Bat Steep, and the five kinds of
bats. Each cave has a specific type of bat. Go to each bat cave
and try the bat detector there until you find the cave that has
bats which respond to 16 KmHz.
More Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships Info
Go inside the cave and press the switch to be trapped inside
with a lights puzzle. To solve this puzzle, direct the light
towards the thing on the right hand side of the screen.

Junior Mode:

The light goes right, down, right, down, left, up, right, down,
left, down, right, up, left, up and right.

Senior Mode:

The light goes right, down, right, down, right, up, right, down,
left, up, right, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right,
up and right.

Once the puzzle is solved, you find a colored dial and some
symbols. Then you hear some static. This is your hint to call
George on the walkie talkie.

As George, head to Bat Steep on the golf cart and climb to the
cave that Nancy is trapped in. There's a skull and crossbones
blocking the entrance. Look closer to see that there's a camel-
themed jigsaw puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, put all the pieces into place. The parts of
the puzzle are divided into nine 3 by 4 squares. The bottom/left
square is blank. The bottom/middle square is the camel's neck
and some woods. The bottom/right square is the camel's

The upper/left square is the camel's face. The upper/middle
square is the front part of the camel's body. The upper/right
square is the right part of the camel's hump.

As for the middle row, the left square is the left part of the
camel's hump. The middle square is the camel's forepaws, and the
right square is the camel's hind legs.

Once all the pieces are in place, you have a slider puzzle!
Combining a jigsaw puzzle with a slider puzzle? Cool idea. It's
a 3 by 3 slider puzzle. Start by getting the top row into place
(so you never have to move those pieces again), then get the
left two pieces into place, because the missing square goes in
the lower/right. 

Once you're done, the cave door opens, and Nancy talks with

Don't forget to check out the entrance to the cave before you
leave. Tucked near the corner is Johnny Rolle's driver license.
It says that he's Australian! You can confront him with this
information if you want to.

Golden Dials Puzzle
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At this point, you should have all six golden dials. Just to
recap, you get the dials from here:

1) Donkey Dial: Won from the monkeys at the Primate Research
2) Camel Dial: Found in the bat cave.
3) Panther Dial: From the pulley puzzle.
4) Ant Dial: From the puzzle of Half Moon Reef.
5) Bee Dial: From the underwater treasure chest.
6) Owl Dial: From the puzzles at Dove Isle.

When you have all six dials, it's time to find El Toro's journal
by swimming through the Blue Hole. If you don't have the
underwater glowsticks, you have to ask Johnny Rolle for some (he
gives them to you in exchange for programming his GPS).

There are two puzzles to solve here. One is to put all the dials
in the proper order, which is listed on the rules of conduct.
The names of all the animals are spelled out on this.

Rule One:

BE Earnest in survival. It is necessary for every mAN To abanDON
KEYs to his solitude and live as one.

Rule Two:

Whether they are of lofty or lOWLly rank, no occuPANT HERe shall
lord over those who CAME Later to the shore.

I capitalized the animal names to show how the rules spell out
bee, ant, donkey, owl, panther and camel. That's the order you
have to put the six dials in.

The other puzzle is El Toro's warning which reads like this:
Danger! Heed this warning: Death awaits all who enter these
caves unprepared. Poisonous guardians of the deep strike with no

You'll notice that some of those words are on the piece of rock
found in the bat cave. Each word has a corresponding symbol. To
get through the underwater caves, you want to follow the symbols
in the order they appear in El Toro's journal.

The route you want to take is this one:

Take the bottom/right fork, keep following the path, take the
bottom/right fork, keep following the path, take the upper/right
fork, and take the upper/right fork. Here, you can take the
upper/left fork to find an air tank to refill your air if
necessary. Then, go right and follow the path to the end, where
you find a place on the wall where you can put the six dials.

You put the dials in the proper order (bee, ant, donkey, owl,
panther and camel). Then, you want to spin them so all the
colors are matching.

The bee and the ant dials both have their red sides matching
each other, the bee and owl dials have their yellow sides
matching each other, the panther and the camel dials have their
light blue sides matching, and so on. Once they're all in place,
a secret passage opens, leading to the treasure.

Hourglass Puzzle, Easter Egg
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You have one last puzzle before the treasure: an hourglass
puzzle. El Toro's journal says to have them all run out at the
same page.

Also in El Toro's journal, you'll notice that seven letters are
in black: h g c p t c d. Each letter represents one of the


That's the order you turn the hourglasses in. Turn humilidad
first, then generosidad, then castidad, and so on. You have to
get a good sense for the timing, even though the game is
somewhat lenient with timing.

For the first several hourglasses, you can wait for the sand to
reach in between the first and second red lines, and for the
last two, you have to wait for the sand to reach around the
second and third red lines. 

You have to take the key from the humilidad hourglass before
solving this puzzle. Once you're done, the doors open and you
can get the treasure...a map! Now Nancy can trade the map for

Time to go back through the underwater maze. You can refill with
the air tank in this room if you want. You can follow the
symbols as they're listed in El Toro's journal, like you did to
get to the six dials area, if you want to.

The route you want to take is this:

Follow the pathway, take the lower/left path, take the
upper/left path, follow the path, take the left path, take the
left path, and follow the paths left to get out.

Return to George to learn that the kidnappers want you to
deliver the map to Johnny Rolle. You can do this right now, but
since you're coming up on the end of the game, you might want to
do several things first.

See, you get awards at the end of the game for doing various
things. The more awards you get, the more bloopers you will see
after the end credits. The awards you can get right now are

Bat Tracker: For identifying all five bat caves.
Chatterbox: For calling George several times on the walkie-
Down Under Discoverer: For confronting Johnny Rolle about his
Australian driver license.
Guava Gormand: For eating several guavas.
Monkey Maniac: For winning all the various prizes you can get
from the monkeys.
Mountain Goat: For climbing up and down Bat Steep several times.
Parrot Handlre: For seeing all of Coucou's tricks.
Treasure Hunter: For digging up everything at Shark Cove.
Glass Half Full/Empty: I'm not sure how to get this, but I think
it involves either choosing all negative answers when talking to
George, or choosing all positive answers while talking to
Easter Egg: Finding the Easter Egg.

The way to find the Easter Egg is to go sailing and pick up all
the messages hidden in bottles. Together, they spell out a
quotation from "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. Certain letters
are in red, forming a message that tells you to dig in the sand
before the sharks.

Go sailing to the area with the sunken ship. In case you didn't
know, there are sharks in the upper/right corner of this screen.
Swim towards them, and in the area near the sharks, you can dig
for an Easter Egg.

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Time to rescue Nancy's friend Bess. Go to Johnny Rolle and give
him the map.

A cutscene occurs, in which the culprit reveals himself or
herself. This is a culprit from one of the previous games in the
series. The culprit details the kidnapping plot for Nancy, then
throws her inside an underground cave where Bess is.

Bess! Great! We get to see what Bess looks like, and we get to
hear her babble like she did in Legend of the Crystal Skull! So,
um, yeah! She's totally in character! That's good news.

Well, Nancy found Bess. That's good. Now all she has to do is
escape from the underground cave.

Bess found a keyhole, and fortunately, Nancy has a key (the one
from the hourglass puzzle). Put it in the keyhole to see El
Toro's hidden pirate room.

Take the key from the skeleton here. You now have two keys: El
Toro's key (which has holes on the end) and the hourglass key
(which does not have holes on the end).

Optional Puzzle

There is an optional puzzle here that will gain you an award at
the end of the game. See how there are five things in this room
with symbols on them? The paintings, the bull head, the sword
and shield. Those were all pictures in El Toro's journal!

Also in the journal is the picture of the hourglass key in front
of a keyhole. That's one of the keyholes on the door leading out
of here. Stick the hourglass key in that keyhole to reveal a
hidden safe behind a painting.

The safe is locked with symbols--five of them being the symbols
on the five things in this room. Click on the symbols the in
order they appear in El Toro's journal.

5 x x 4 1
 x 2 3 x

Next is a puzzle where you need to press five buttons, only some
buttons affect other buttons. It's sort of like the Atocha
puzzle, only simpler. Just put the two keys into the keyholes,
turn them, and press I, II, IV, V.

As a reward, you get El Toro's hidden treasure.


Okay, so that was all an optional puzzle. The REAL puzzle is how
to get out of here.

The exit door has nineteen keyholes. Every time you back away
and look at the door again, the placement of the keyholes

El Toro's journal gives you seven clues.

1. If the bottom row has 2 or more cutout plates (the various
types of cutout plates are drawn in the journal), the keyhole
you're looking for is not round.
2. If the fourth column from the left has a wave, the keyhole
you're looking for is not in the bottom row.
3. If the keyhole you're looking for has four screws, then it is
green-colored (bronze).
4. The keyhole you're looking for is NOT a green-colored keyhole
with an empty space directly above it.
5. If [picture of a keyhole] is in the first row, the keyhole
you're looking for has four screws.
6. If the skull is directly left or right of a red keyhole, the
keyhole you're looking for is a cutout.
7. If you're looking for a cutout plate that is red, it is

Use those seven clues to figure out which keyhole is correct,
then stick El Toro's key (the one with holes on the end) inside
it. You can save you game and simply guess until you find the
correct keyhole, if you prefer.
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Once you find the right keyhole, the game ends. You see the
ending scenes, get a trivia question, see what awards you got,
watch a preview for the next game in the series (Warnings at
Waverly Academy), watch the ending credits, and you can see some
bloopers from the game if you wait after the credits. Get all
the stars/awards in the game to get all the bloopers.


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