Rich and Dangerous

Rich and Dangerous

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 25
Rich and Dangerous cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 25
Rich and Dangerous

The Big Apple
holds a juicy mystery
for Nancy Drew

Nancy and Carson Drew are in New York for a rare vacation together. Nancy needs a break, and her father has promised her Broadway shows, candlelight dinners, and a shopping spree. But no sooner do they check into the Plaza Hotel than Nancy becomes curious about wealthy Sarah Amberly and her family, who have the suite next door.

One day, when her father’s off on business, Nancy hears strange sounds coming from the suite. She finds Sarah Amberly collapsed, clutching her heart. Strange how none of her loving family were around to give her her heart medicine. Could one of them be out to get Sarah’s money? It’s starting to look like a family affair…

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