Running Scared

Running Scared

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 69
Running Scared cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 69
Running Scared

When a big race comes to
the big city, Nancy finds
that terror takes the lead

Nancy’s friend George is set to run in a Chicago marathon, alongside some of the country’s best female athletes. But Nancy soon discovers that running in this marathon can be hazardous to your health. Top runner, Annette Lang, has received a series of death threats — and she may be racing for her life!

The winner stands to take home some big bucks in endorsements, and where there’s big money there’s bound to be plenty of greed, trickery, and intrigue. Annette may be the best runner in the field, but it’s Nancy who has to work fast. If she fails to catch up to the truth, at least one marathoner could end up dead in her tracks.

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