Scent of Danger

Scent of Danger

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 44
Scent of Danger cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 44
Scent of Danger

Nancy stalks some missing
jungle cats — but finds a human
animal deadliest of all!

To help clear George’s boyfriend, Nancy takes on a baffling case at the River Heights zoo. Four wild cats have vanished, and Owen Harris, a handsome grad student working on the World of Africa exhibit, is chief suspect. At the same time, a great perfume formula is missing, and Nancy is soon hot on the scent.

Owen appears guilty. Has he been framed? Nancy must tread carefully as she finds danger in the blacktop jungle while searching for the valuable cats and the missing formula. As Nancy investigates, she walks straight into a trap — with only her wits to save her skin!

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