Secret of the Old Clock Walkthrough

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Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock Walkthrough
by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer
Copyright 2008

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Video Walkthrough
004.  Text Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Secret of the Old Clock.  It's the twelfth game in the
Nancy Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go
around and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

Sorry if this guide is a little more
straightforward/bossy than my other Nancy Drew guides,
where I'm a little more silly. The reason why is because
of my new video guide stuff, which used up all my

002- Characters

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver,
this is the story of the first mystery she ever solved.

Emily Crandall: Nancy's friend, who needs some help. It
seems she's on the verge of going crazy, but she swears
she's totally sane. Can Nancy help figure out the truth
behind what's going on? 

Jane Willoughby: Emily's new guardian for the next three
months. She's kind of...incompetent as a guardian, but
that's probably because she's never had a minor to guard

Jim Archer: A local banker, who worked for Josiah Crowley
and the Crandalls. He's a nice fellow who tries to help
Nancy as much as possible. 

Richard Topham: A man who claims to have psychic powers.
He also claims that he found Josiah Crowley's will. As
the will he found leaves all of Josiah's money to Richard
Topham (when Josiah promised to leave money to the
Crandalls and Mr. Archer), that's more than a little

Josiah Crowley: Emily's deceased next-door neighbor. He
left a complex series of puzzles for someone to solve,
and, naturally, Nancy is the one who manages to solve
them all.

Gloria Lois Crandall: Emily's deceased mother.

Carson Drew: Nancy's father. He's a lawyer, so he tells
Nancy some helpful information about wills. He also tells
her to pick up some papers for him.

George Fayne: Nancy's best friend, whom she can call.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's other best friend. She's George
Fayne's cousin.

Mrs. Farthingham: A nosy, rude old woman who shares a
phone line with George and Bess. She likes to interrupt
and listen in on their phone conversations.

Helen Corning: A mutual friend of Nancy and Emily's.
never mentioned in the game, except for in the opening

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend. He's never mentioned in
the game, except for in the ending cutscene.

Uri the Cat: Richard Topham's cat. It hates strangers,
and cries unless it has its toy mouse.

Miss Jakowski: The local telephone operator. 

Mrs. Sheldon: A woman who has Josiah Crowley's trivet.

Mrs. O'Shea: A woman in charge of the orphanage.

Mr. Phelps: Owner of Phelps Print Shop; he prides himself
on his stamp collection and being a better fisher than
his brother-in-law.

Clara Pickford: A woman who likes Jim Archer, and calls
him her "ace in the hole".

Mr. Waddell: A man who sells Nancy a key and a blank of
quartz. He's quite grumpy.

Tubby Telegram Operator: A man who gives Nancy telegrams
to deliver. He pays her a quarter per telegram. 

Zippy Gas Attendant: A man who gives Nancy gas if needed.

Nick: Villain in the Creepy Corners record. He can turn
into a giant warthog at will.

Peter: Hero in the Creepy Corners record. He's an
accomplished swordsman.

Marcel: The name Josiah gave his favorite hat, oddly

Pyramis, Thisby and Flute: Josiah's ham radio friends.

Puck: Josiah's ham radio name.


The rest of the characters on this list are people you
can deliver telegrams to.

Seymour: A man at Blenheim Nursery.

Audrey: Someone else at Blenheim Nursery.

Alice: A counselor at Camp Avondale.

Miss Ross: A woman at Sunnybrook Farm.

Rebecca: A ten-year-old girl at Sunnybrook Farm.

Old Man Johnson: A local farmer.

Dr. Bob: Someone who works at the observatory.

Mr. Jones: A man at Vache's Dairy.

Miss Temple: A woman at Lowood Academy (which used to be
the Brewster Academy).

Dr. Aikerman: Someone out at the Deer Mountain Resort. He
rarely tips.

Willie Jo: A woman at the railroad station.

John: Willie Jo's uncle. He picks up telegrams for Willie
Jo because she's been working on the railroad all the
live-long day.

Phil Connor: An employee at Krolmeister Nails.

Helen C. White: Someone at the library.

Mollie: A woman at Vache's Dairy.

003-Video Walkthrough

Say, would you like to watch how to beat the game, not
just read about it?

Well, good news! I made videos of how to beat the entire
game! You can watch any or all of them here:

They come with my rather silly commentary, absolutely

004-Text Walkthrough

"The year? 1930. The place? The road to Titusville, where
we find Nancy Drew behind the wheel of her blue roadster,
pondering this question: why did Emily Crandall--a girl
whom Nancy knows only through their mutual friend, Helen
Corning--ask Nancy to drive all the way out to the Lilac
Inn to see her?

Does it have something to do with the fact that Emily's
mother died barely a month earlier, leaving Emily to run
the restaurant with only her guardian to help her?

And more important, why, when she called, did Emily sound
so desperate?

The spunky teenager turns off the main road, blissfully
unaware that Emily isn't all that awaits her at the end
of the driveway. No, Nancy Drew is about to get her first
taste of the mystery, intrigue and adventure that are to
become her destiny."


The game starts off with you talking to Jane about Emily.
Jane doesn't paint a very pretty picture of the
situation, I'm afraid. When you're done, go upstairs and
talk to Emily. Emily is in the last room (the only room
you can go in).

Emily thinks she hears something at first, then takes out
some jewelry that belonged to her mom. She wants Nancy to
take it and put it in a safe. See, a lot of weird things
have been happening lately, and...

Suddenly, there's an explosion and a fire. As it turns
out, the stove exploded, probably because somebody left a
burner on. Jane blames it on Emily going crazy (what a
nice guardian!).

Jane leaves, and Emily says, "Oh no!" Nancy runs upstairs
to find that the jewelry was stolen! How awful!

So now it looks like somebody deliberately set a fire in
the Lilac Inn as a diversion, so he or she could steal
the jewelry that belonged to Emily's mother! How

The mystery of what's happening at the Lilac Inn is the
first mystery of the game. Emily then talks about the
second mystery: the missing will of Josiah Crowley.

Josiah Crowley was a nice old man who lived next door,
and promised to leave a lot of money to Emily and her
mother. When he died, his will mysteriously vanished. A
man name Richard Topham found the will, and, by major
coincidence, the will left all of Josiah's money and
belongings to...Richard Topham. Sounds to me like Richard
Topham forged the will.

So, those are the two main mysteries of this game: the
case of the missing will, and the strange happenings in
the Lilac Inn.

Emily tells you to go see Jim Archer at the local bank,
and to call your father. So go downstairs and out the
door. Near the door is a pay phone. Pay a nickel and call
Nancy's father Carson.

Nancy's dad tells you to go to Tubby Telegrams and pick
up some papers for him. You can talk to him about other
stuff, but that's basically the only reason why you need
to call him. You can also call Bess and George if you
want, but you never _have_ to call them.

Now you can explore the Lilac Inn, walk down the road to
meet this Richard Topham fellow, or get in the car and
drive off! You don't have to do these things in any
order, but just to keep this guide organized, I'll
discuss all the exploring you can do here, then all the
stuff you can do when you get in the car.


Inside the Lilac Inn, there's not much to do besides talk
to Jane and Emily. On the main floor, in the parlor room,
there's a newspaper about hobo signals, and a magazine
about a horse that could supposedly count. Both come in
handy later on in the game.

Also in the parlor room are two puzzles. One's in the
clock in the corner, and the other is in a machine.

Bard Bounce: Junior Mode:

Move yellow left, then down.
Move green and red right. Move red up and left.
Move blue down and right. Move green down and left.
Move blue up, left, down, right, down and right.

Bard Bounce: Senior Mode:

Move green up and right.
Move red right.
Move green down and left.
Move red up.
Move green right.
Move red down and left.
Move green left.
Move yellow left.
Move blue left.
Move yellow up and right.
Move blue down.
Move yellow left.
Move blue up and right.
Move yellow right.

Keen! You solved it!

Clock puzzle: Junior Mode:

Move the pieces below the bird to the left, until you can
move the pendulum-stamped piece down, out of the way of
the bird.

Then, move the big gear in the bird's way left, then up.

Move the bird right.

Clock puzzle: Senior Mode:

Move the two lower-left pieces (a 2 by 2 gear and a 2 by
1 gear) to the left.

Move the 1 by 2 gear down, into the spot where the 2 by 2
gear was. Move the 1 by 2 gear that's on the top row down
as well.

Move the clock hand left. Then move a pendulum up, so
it's where the clock hand was.

See the 2 by 2 gear? Move the piece above it up, then
move the 2 by 2 gear up.

There are two 2 by 1 gears right of the 2 by 2 gears.
Move both of them up. Move the piece in the bottom/right
corner to the left, then move the 2 by 2 gear down and

There are two pieces in the upper/left you can move down
(the pendulum and the gear piece to its left). Move both

This gives you room to move a gears piece left, which
lets you move two gears pieces up to the top. Now just
move the pendulum to the bottom/right corner, send the
bird to the right, and you're done!

Great! You get a mirror for solving the clock puzzle!

And that's it for the Lilac Inn for now. You can go to
Richard Topham's, which is just down the road. On the
way, you see a piece of paper. Grab it! It's a key
appraisal receipt.

Inside Mr. Topham's, Uri the Cat is meowing. He tells you
to get its toy mouse. It's under a dresser, so get it and
give it to Uri.

You can then talk to Richard Topham. He runs a school for
paranormal, psychic activity. Um...okay...right...

He gives you a test. The answers are...

All wet
Doll up
Double cross
Dry up
Big cheese

You can talk to Mr. Topham some more after solving his
quiz. He lets you explore the house.

There are various things in the house, the only one of
which you need is the "Lest I Forget" book inside a
wooden elephant. This book contains all the clues to the
big puzzle that tells you where Josiah's real will is

The various clues are how to open the carriage house near
Topham's, how to open a journal, and how to open the big
clock in his carriage house. There's a note about a
trivet that was delivered to Twin Elms.

Above the fireplace is a matching game. Click on the
little pictures until you find a matching pair. Find all
the pairs to get a mirror.

Now go outside and head back towards the Lilac Inn. Take
a left after crossing the stone bridge to find a
miniature golf course. Swell!

You can get a golf club here and play on the course for
ten cents. Your goal is to get par or less on the six
holes. Click on the mouse and drag it to pull the club
around, and let go to swing. The farther away you pull
the mouse, the harder the swing is.


Junior mode has an easier par than senior mode, so I
recommend doing Junior Mode. The only help I can give is
that on the fourth hole, you want to aim for the leftmost
hole (which gives you a cool animation along with ending
that hole). Additionally, the second hole has a little
cave on the right which you can hit the ball into and
have it pop up near the hole.

It took me ten tries and over a half hour to do it on
senior mode. And, of course, you have to do it to win the

When you win, put your score card in the "Put Score Card
Here" slot to get a red pony.

There's also a golf ball game (on the thing shaped like a
golf ball) that you have to win. The instructions are on
the game, but I'll explain them here.

The goal is to get four golf balls in the right order.
Put them on tees and click the club to guess. Every empty
hole represents a wrong colored ball, every hole with a
stick represents a ball in the wrong position, and every
hole with a stick and flag represents a ball in the right

Sadly, the order of the flags does not correspond to the
order of the balls. Each game is random, so play and use
the information the flags tell you to figure out the
correct colors to use, and where the colors go. You can
only use each color once.

When you solve it, you get a poem with number homophones
highlighted: 1 2 4 2 8 2 7. Cool.

Now you can head back to the Lilac Inn and ask Emily what
her mother's middle name was. It turns out it's Lois.
Read the book on Emily's bed as well, and now you can get
into the carriage house near Richard Topham's!

The carriage house lock wants you to put in four four-
letter words.

What are you when you win Bard Bounce? Keen
What poet is the cat's meow? Omar
What does par on the golf course get you? Pony
What is Gloria's middle name? Lois

So enter Keen, Omar, Pony and Lois onto the lock to get
inside. Inside, there's a clock on a desk with symbols on
it...the same symbols on the golf poem!

Move the hands of the clock to 1:00, then click the
symbol above the clock. Then move it to 2:00 and click
the symbol. Repeat the process until you enter all the
numbers on the golf course poem (1 2 4 2 8 2 7) to
get...a mirror.

Against a wall is a domino box puzzle. Line up the
dominoes end to end, so that ends with matching dots
touch. For example, the two 4-dot dominoes touch each
other, the two 7-dot dominoes touch each other, and so on
and so forth until they're all touching.

Solving the domino puzzle gives power to the switch, but
there's no point in pulling it if you don't have all four
mirrors. And to get those mirrors, you have to leave. So
go to Nancy's car and drive off!


When you drive off, Nancy notices the car she saw earlier
is gone. Could it have belonged to the person who set
fire to the Lilac Inn?

Nancy has an incomplete map of the town, which helps you
drive around. Hold the mouse down to drive, and avoid
potholes. Head to Waddell Jewelry to get the key that was
appraised (if you can't, you first need to get the
receipt that was floating in the area between Richard
Topham's and the Lilac Inn).

Go to Tubby Telegrams to pick up the stuff for Nancy's
father. The man there gives you a job delivering
telegrams for a quarter a telegram. Awesome! Delivering
telegrams helps you learn where everything is (which is
good) and earns you money!

If you ever need gas, go to the gas station and fill up
for a quarter or two quarters. Nancy tells you whenever
she's running low on gas.

Visit the bank to meet Jim Archer. He's a nice fellow who
tells you that Emily's jewelry wasn't insured (darn!). He
also says that Josiah has a safe deposit box, the key to
which is missing. Mr. Archer is also upset that Josiah's
real will--if the will Mr. Topham found is fake--doesn't
leave money to anyone but Topham, as Mr. Archer was
promised (and could surely use) some of Josiah's money.

You can read the typewriter (which was Josiah's) to learn
about the trivet at Twin Elms, which we already knew

In the corner of the room is a clock that belonged to
Josiah. Open it with the key that Jim Archer had
appraised (which you get from Waddell Jewelry, provided
you have the appraisal sheet). Inside is a puzzle.

The goal of the puzzle is to get all the gears in place.
Every gear, you'll notice, has a small line (or two)
along the gear part. You need to get all these line to
connect to each other.

Once you put a gear in the right place, it stays stuck

Starting with the upper/right spot, the chain of gears is
small size, middle size, big, small, middle, big, small,
big, middle. Because the lines have to add up, the
upper/right small gear is the one with a line leading

That's enough information to help you solve the puzzle.
Once you do, you get a mirror.

You can now go back to the Lilac Inn, or go on a quest to
find the trivet.

Getting the Trivet

You're going to have to do a lot of driving around!
Here's the quick version of what to do:

To get the trivet, go to Twin Elms (in the upper/left
part of town). Mrs. Sheldon tells you to go get the
bridge cards from Miss Jakowski at Titusville Telco.

Go see Miss Jakowski. She wants you to get some tickets
from the orphanage.

Go to the orphanage. Mrs. O'Shea wants toys for the

Go to the general store and buy four toys. Give them to
the orphanage, and Mrs. O'Shea sends you to the print

Go to the print shop. The man there wants you to get a
19-inch largemouth bass. You can check the freshwater
fish guide in Josiah's carriage house to find out where
they live.

Go to the pond near the orphanage. Fish with the right
bait and in the right area, according to Josiah. That's a
minnow as bait, and fishing in the grassbeds. Catch a big
enough fish.

Go to the print shop and you get the tickets in exchange
for the fish.

Go to Titusville Telco and get the bridge cards in
exchange for the tickets.

Go to Twin Elms and get the trivet in exchange for the
bridge cards. YES!!! YOU GOT THE TRIVET!!!

Also, Nancy's dress is flouncy.

Josiah's Carriage House

Once you have all four mirrors (from the clock in Mr.
Archer's office, the matching game above Richard Topham's
fireplace, the clock in the parlor of the Lilac Inn, and
the clock in the carriage house), go to the carriage
house and put each mirror in a corner of the room. Pull
the lever next to the domino box and...

Puzzle time. See the light bulb on the right wall?
Reflect the light so it hits the light bulb. Do this by
moving the upper/right mirror so the light goes straight

Now move the lower/right mirror so the light goes

Now move the upper/left mirror so the light goes straight

Now move the lower/left mirror so the light hits the
light bulb.

This gives you access to the upstairs part of Josiah's
carriage house. Inside here is a note about Marcel (read
it) and a big clock. Also, there's a ham radio, with a
note about a blank underneath.

Safe Deposit Key

Go to Richard Topham, who says Marcel is Josiah's hat
(which Emily now has). He tells you about the blank of
quartz, and agrees to let you have it...after a game.

The point of the game is to prove that Richard Topham is
psychic. The trick is that he repeats his questions; for
example, whenever the card is a star, he asks, "What card
am I thinking about?"

Basically, you have to play guess and check in order to
figure out which question corresponds to which card. Here
are the answers:

What card am I thinking about? Star
What card am I holding? Square
What card am I looking at? Circle
What card am I concentrating on? Cross
Can you tell me which card which card this is? Squiggles
This is which card? Star
What card is this? Squiggles
Do you know what card I'm looking at? Square

See, Richard operates by the same principles as Clever
Hans, the horse that could do arithmetic!

Once you do the puzzle, you get the quartz. Richard
Topham also refuses to let you read the "A Midsummer
Night's Dream" book on his shelf--the one with cues
inside for Josiah's ham radio friends. Shoot.

Go back to the Lilac Inn and ask Emily about Marcel. She
shows it to you, and hidden in the band is a safe deposit
key. Yes!

Hidden Passageway

Head to town and give the key to Mr. Archer. He'll use it
to open the safety vault...if you sew a dress for him.
See...his bank is going out of business, so he can't hire
a seamstress. Oh no!

Go to Mr. Waddell's to have the blank of quartz cut. He
wants a lot of money for it, and maybe you don't have
enough. Don't worry; you'll find some more money soon.
Head back to the Lilac Inn.

Talk to Jane about sewing. She'll get the needle if you
solve a pie puzzle.

Junior Mode:

(x means any size, two side-by-side xs mean two pies of
the same size)

SL    LL

Senior Mode:

SL    LL

Once the pies are done, go inside and sneak behind Jane's
podium. You find a picture of a hidden passageway, with a
note on the back about where the passageway is: the
window seat of the parlor room.

Go to the parlor room, and see the seat that's built into
the wall? It's got curtains on it. Pull on the right
curtain to find a hidden passageway.

Go inside and turn on the light switch. Go forward once,
then turn right. Pull on that lantern there to open a
door to find...the second hidden passageway!

Go to the end of this passageway, where there's a peep
hole to Emily's room. Aha! Clearly, someone was using the
peep hole to spy on Emily when she showed the jewelry to
Nancy! Then that person set fire to the Lilac Inn and
stole the jewelry!

Go back to the main hidden passageway and go all the way
down it to see that it leads to Richard Topham's.

Partway through the hidden passageway is a piggy bank on
the floor with a dollar inside. Cool!

Also in the passageway is a poster/picture for Creepy
Corners. Move all the pieces so that the picture is done!
The word "Creepy Corners" is at the top, with a mausoleum
on the left, a tree on the right, and a creepy man in
front of the moon in the middle.

The bottommost part of the picture has a grayish line on
it, which should help you get all the bottom pieces in
place. Rotate the pictures if needed, and use these hints
to solve the puzzle.

This gets you...a record. Cool.

Big Clock On Top

That's all for now, so head over to Jane, who should be
back by now. She'll give you a sewing needle. After some
accusations, Nancy apologizes to Jane.

Go upstairs and put the needle on the sewing machine. Now
you get to sew! This is also rather difficult. Sew along
the dotted line, moving your mouse left and right to move
the dress.

It takes a while, but when it's done, you can head to Jim
Archer. He likes it, and lets you open the safe deposit
vault. Inside is...a journal?

Get the blank from Mr. Waddell at this time. If you don't
have enough money, deliver telegrams until you do.

Now go back to the Lilac Inn, and use the Creepy Corners
record on the record player. This is the key to opening
the journal. See, the trivet has letters that correspond
to pictures. Each picture corresponds to a sound effect
on the record, and each letter on the trivet corresponds
to a letter on the journal.

So, type in the word "GOODFELLOW" on the journal. It
opens to reveal ham radio information. Apparently, all
you need to do now is read the cues to the correct people
on the ham radio.

Bottom's cue is in the note to Gloria, according to
Josiah's book o' hints, so you might as well go to
Emily's room while she's not there, and read the letter
to Gloria hidden in her drawer (where the hat was).

As for the other cues, you'll have to get them from the
book in Topham's house. He wouldn't lend it to you, so
you have to sneak through the hidden passageway to get
into Topham's house.

Oh no! Uri is on the alert! Find his toy mouse and give
it to him quick! Then take the Shakespeare book off the
desk and flip the pages to find the cues.

Go back through the hidden passageway (under the rug in
the corner of the room) and exit through the Lilac Inn.
Now head to the carriage house and go upstairs.

Put the blank in the ham radio, then turn the dials to
speak with all three people. They are:

Flute 7.025
Pyramis 7.057
Thisby 7.050

Give each one their cue. Flute's is "Shall we their fond
pageant see...", Pyramis' is "Thou speakest aright..."
and Thisby's is "If we spirits have offended..."

Each one gives you a sentence with a few phrases from
hobo sign language. Specific, the phrases are:

Thisby: Authorities alert, bad water, no use going this
Flute: Hit the road, owner in, thieves about
Pyramis: Barking dog, keep quiet, dangers neighborhood
Bottom: Kind woman, good water, sky's the limit

Write those symbols down if you don't remember them (you
probably don't), then enter them on the clock here on the
top floor of the carriage house. This gives you a puzzle.

The goal of the puzzle is to get to the end, by pressing
the ten buttons in the proper order. The order I found
that works is 4, 8, 9, 7, 1, 10, 5, 6, so click on those
numbers in that order to beat the puzzle.

You get a golf ball, telling you to hit a hole in one on
the last hole. Take the golf ball, then go to the golf
course. Finally, easy golf challenge! Hit a hole in one
to get another safety deposit key!

Head back to the Lilac Inn to hear that Emily is near the
breaking point. Fortunately, we're near the end of the
game. Head to Jim Archer's and give him the new key.

He figures out that the key opens Clara Pickford's vault.
Inside is Josiah Crowley's real will! YES!!!

Also, there's a picture of the real Jane Willoughby. But
that means...the Jane we know is an impostor!

Nancy confronts Jane, and a car chase ensues. Follow
after Jane until you hear Nancy say, "I'll bet she's
heading for the state line!" When this happens, drive
towards the state line, taking a different route than
Jane. Fortunately, the second chance button lets you redo
the chase over and over again until you get it right.

Once you do, you see the ending cutscene, where everyone
lives happily ever after, thanks to Josiah's will ending
all financial problems for Emily and Jim Archer.
Well...Jane and Richard Topham aren't happy, but they're
both guilty of fraud, so they don't really deserve to be

And that's the game! Hope you liked it!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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