Secret Rules

Secret Rules

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 5
Secret Rules cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 5
Secret Rules

Taking chances… on a different kind of friendship, a different kind of love.

Everyone at Wilder is talking choices and changes, and Nancy’s the one doing the listening. George has just come back from a camping trip with Will, and she’s got some major news. Architecture student Liz Bader has a new study-mate, Daniel Frederick, and they’re drawing some very special designs. But Nancy needs time — to make choices and changes of her own.

At Wilder Times she’s working on a story about a frat prank that got way out of hand, and she wants to get at the truth without getting anyone hurt. And speaking of Wilder Times, fellow reporter Jake Collins is giving Nancy plenty to think about. The problem is, she can’t be sure if the guy is good news or bad news… or just a passing feature in her life.

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