Secrets Can Kill

Secrets Can Kill

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 1
Secrets Can Kill cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 1
Secrets Can Kill

Nancy Drew goes back to high school —
but this time, the curriculum is murder.

No one has been able to catch the elusive thief who is stalking the nighttime halls at Bedford High. So Nancy goes undercover as a transfer student. When she meets her contact, Daryl Gray, a gorgeous senior with blueberry eyes, Nancy thinks this new case could turn out to be a lot of fun. But she is dead wrong.

Dangerous secrets run deep at Bedford, and Nancy learns the hard way when she takes Daryl for a ride in her Mustang — and the car ends up exploding in a ball of fire. Though her suspect list is long, Nancy is almost certain she knows who the thief is — until her top candidate is found sprawled outside the video lab, very dead.

Suddenly it’s a whole new game, a game called murder. And Nancy is the killer’s next target.

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