Ski School Sneak

Ski School Sneak

Nancy Drew Girl Detective - Book 11
Ski School Sneak cover art
Nancy Drew Girl Detective – Book 11
Ski School Sneak

Bess is the suspect?  Just when everything looks great, they start sliding down the snowy slopes.  The girls were just having a lot of fun and Bess was even winning awards for her skiing talents.  Then someone had to go and tear up the supply room – and it looks like it might have been Bess.  Then a snowstorm comes and traps the girls in their location so they have two problems to solve:  clearing Bess’ name and getting home.

Snowy situation!

Nancy, George, and Bess are on a ski trip! They are having tons of fun, and Bess proves a natural for the slopes. She even wins a special award! But when the ski supply room is suddenly trashed, all eyes turn to Bess. It looks like she’s a suspect this time around.

Nancy is sure Bess is innocent, but how can she prove it? And just when it seems things can’t get any worse, a snowstorm closes the road home. The Clue Crew is trapped at the ski lodge! Can Nancy find a way to clear Bess’s name… and will they ever get home?

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