Smile and Say Murder

Smile and Say Murder

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 4
Smile and Say Murder cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 4
Smile and Say Murder

In the glitzy world of magazine publishing,
Nancy Drew searches for a ruthless killer. . .

A series of death threats send Nancy undercover at Flash, the country’s top teen magazine. The target is Yvonne Verdi, co-owner of Flash and wonder-girl of the magazine world. Hard-nosed and driven, Yvonne has a talent for making enemies, any of whom could be out to get her. But no one has more reason to want her dead than Mick Swanson, Yvonne’s moody, violent partner.

Fond of gruesome practical jokes and hungry for control of Flash, Mick quickly becomes Nancy’s top suspect. Mick looks dangerous, so Nancy calls in her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, to play bodyguard. But that backfires when Ned appears to fall head over heels for Mick’s sister. Then the would-be killer strikes again. Nancy’s on her own, and she’s got some fancy footwork to do, before the killer strikes again…at her.

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