Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 97
Squeeze Play cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 97
Squeeze Play

Nancy goes to bat for a star
pitcher when a kidnapper throws
him a nasty curve.

The River Heights Falcons are vying for the Triple-A championship, and the team’s hopes rest on the arm of Sean Reeves, recalled from the majors to pitch in the series. But from her front row seat, Nancy can see that winning at baseball is the last thing on his mind. And she soon finds out why: He’s fighting for his five-year-old daughter’s life!

Sean has received a note that has left him no choice: “Lose the game or Caitlin dies.” But Nancy uncovers a pattern of greed, deceit, and betrayal extending far beyond the baseball diamond. With time rapidly running out, Nancy knows that finding the true motive behind the crime is the only way to insure that Caitlin, once again, will be safe at home.

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