Stage Fright

Stage Fright

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 90
Stage Fright cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 90
Stage Fright

The play’s the thing and Nancy’s
the star . . . when arson
takes the stage!

Famed actress Evelyn Caldwell has put her career and her money on the line. Her ambition is to transform a Connecticut barn into a big-time theater. But the play she has in production may turn into a real barn-burner: Someone has threatened to bring the house down — in a single burst of flame!

That’s when Nancy gets into the act. Together with Ned and George, she’s come to the New England countryside to search behind the scenes for a saboteur. She also begins to suspect that a certain female cast member is out to sabotage something else: her own relationship with Ned. The plot is heating up and Nancy’s the one who stands to get burned!

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