Stay Tuned for Danger Walkthrough

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Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger Walkthrough
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Videogame humor:
Copyright 2008

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Stay Tuned for Danger.  It's the second game in the Nancy
Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go around
and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can
see it at...

The video comes complete with my commentary, which is
sometimes helpful, and sometimes includes my impersonations
of the various character voices.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and
she's been called to take on "The Case of the Soap Opera
Hunk Who's Getting Death Threats"!

Aunt Eloise: Nancy's aunt who lives in New York.  We never
see her in the game; all we hear about her is that Mattie
Jensen is renting out her apartment.

Mattie Jensen: She's a soap opera starlet, and she's
worried about her co-star Rick Arlen, who's getting death
threats.  She got Nancy to come to New York to solve the

Rick Arlen: Soap opera hunk who's getting death threats.
He's too busy trying to flirt with Nancy to worry about his
impending death, though.

Mrs. Jensen: Mattie's mother, who is a little overbearing.
She never appears in the game, though.

B.T. Kaisuur: The first few threatening letters to Rick
were signed by this person.

Ralph: The security guard at Worldwide Broadcasting.

Millie Strathorn: Owner of Worldwide Broadcasting; she
loves cats and hiding in the prop room.

Lillian Weiss: The director of the soap opera, who always
seems to be in a bad mood.

William Pappas: Usually called "Bill", he's the producer of
the soap opera.

Dwayne Powers: Mattie's agent, Rick's ex-agent, and the man
behind Nancy's short-lived acting career.

Owen W. Spayder: The murderer uses Owen Spayder as an alias
to mask his or her true identity.

Yuri Danner: Rick's evil twin brother.  Sure, he's a
fictional character on a soap opera, but that doesn't mean
he's not trying to kill Rick...

Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend.  She's a big soap opera
fan, so she knows all the people Nancy is dealing with.

George Fayne: Bess' cousin, who is smarter than Bess, but
still not smart enough to realize she has a boy's name.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend.  He's not too happy about
Nancy hanging out with soap opera hunks!

Hannah Gruen: Nancy's housekeeper, who sends her a package
in this game.


In this game, you can choose one of three levels, junior
detective, senior detective, and master detective. The
difference between the levels is the difficulty of the
puzzles, but luckily for you, I cover all three versions.

"Dear Bess,

You'll never guess who I'm visiting in New York: Mattie
Jensen, your favorite soap star from "Light of our Love"!
Mattie is renting Aunt Eloise's apartment in New York, and
after hearing about my last case, "Secrets Can Kill",
Mattie called to invite me up here! According to Mattie,
Rick Arlen is getting death threats, but he won't go to the
police, so she wants me to do some investigation work. Can
you imagine anyone not liking Rick Arlen, daytime's cutest
hunk? I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that there may
be more to this case than meets the eye.

Call you later,


The game starts off with a map of New York City.  Click on
the house that's marked on the map, which is Mattie
Jensen's apartment at 7226 Lexington Avenue.

Click on the door and Mattie calls, "Come on in, Nancy. The
door's open!" and Nancy enters.

This is a good time to figure out how the game works.  To
move left or right, simply click on the left or right side
of the screen (the magnifying glass turns blue when you can
do this), and to move towards something, click on it (the
magnifying glass turns red when you do this). To back up,
click near the bottom of the screen (the magnifying glass
turns into a U-turn symbol when you can do this).

You can practice this by moving around in a circle and
looking at the pictures on the wall.  The pictures are
pretty funny; they're real-life photos with CG characters
super-imposed on the people in the photos.

Go down the hallway, and you meet Mattie Jensen.  Mattie
brings you up to speed on the case.  Her co-star, Rick
Arlen, started getting weird letters, which were written in
letters cut-and-pasted from magazines and signed by a B.T.

The news about the letters leaked out to the press, and
then things got strangers.  Someone sent Rick a broken
watch, along with a note saying "Time's running out."
He also got a box of poisoned chocolates, and the words on
the teleprompter were changed to "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE A

Despite the fact that things are going badly for Rick, he's
not worried at all and refuses to go to the police.  Jeez,
what a trouper that guy is!  Or...MAYBE HE'S NOT WORRIED

Mattie says she has to go to the studio, so she leaves you
a set of keys for the house.  She marks where the studio is
on your map, and says that she'll leave a visitor's pass
for you at the main desk of the studio.

Hmmm...Mattie seems helpful...maybe TOO helpful...what if
the only reason she brought Nancy here was to make it seem
that she's not behind the plot to kill Rick?  Then again,
if no one's taking the whole thing seriously, she wouldn't
need to cover up her tracks that well...

Time to search the apartment.  On the table by the window,
you can look at Mattie's photo album, which has a lot of
pictures of her and Rick...apparently they're a couple,
which is why she's so concerned about him getting death
threats.  Open the little case on this table to get a
remote control and find an article in "Manhattan Television
Guide" about how Mattie's mother pushed her really hard to
get her to be a TV star.  Mattie used to dislike this,
thinking that acting was just a big competition, but now she
knows acting is a vocation, and now she's best friends with
her mom.  Aw...

Hey, wait, what if Mattie's mother is the person sending
the death threats?  With Rick out of the way, Mattie would
be the star of "Light of our Love"!  It's a possibility...

Close the magazine by clicking on the left part of the page
and close the case by clicking on the lid (that's how you
close opened things in this game), then examine Mattie's
desk.  She's got a letter from her mother, who is mad that
Rick is getting more attention than Mattie.  Hmmmm...maybe
she IS behind the death threats...

The other things on the desk are an invitation to the 23rd
Annual Daytime Soap Opera Gala, a calendar (you get to see
Nancy's eye reflected in the calendar for some reason), a
photo of Rick, and a locked drawer.

There's not much else of interest in the room except
"Chatter Magazine" on the coffee table, which has an
article on how Rick is going to leave LOOL (I think this is
a reference to the soap opera "Days of our Lives", which is
sometimes called DOOL) and work in movies.  You can look at
Mattie's pictures if you want.

Go down the hall and leave the apartment.  Go to Worldwide
Broadcasting at 1999 Broadway and go through the front
doors.  You can pick up the magazines on the waiting table
to see that letters have been cut out of the magazine.
Hmmm...this is probably where B.T. Kaisuur got the letters
for his notes to Rick!  But why would B.T. leave the
evidence in a public place?  Hmmmm...

Talk to Ralph, the security guard.  He's got the visitor's
pass for you, and he tells you that you need to sign in
every time you enter the studio.  Check out the portrait on
the wall, which is of Mildred W. Strathorn, the owner of
the WWB (we'll meet her later) and enter the hallway.

Apparently the studio is in use, so you can't get in.
Darn.  Let's go meet Millie Strathorn, then.  Head right,
which is the east wing of the building.  There are only two
doors on this side of the building that you can access.
The first one is Lillian Weiss's room (she's the director)
and the other one if the prop room at the end of the hall.

Lillian isn't here, so knock on the prop room door and go
inside.  Millie tells you that according to a memo given on
July 14, 1954, no one can enter the prop room unless
they're allowed to.  She recommends seeing Lillian about
getting permission to enter, but Lillian's not there, so
we're stuck.

Let's head to the other side of the building.  When you
approach the producer's door, you hear him say, "I don't
care who he is.  No one breaks a contract with Bill Pappas.
I'll kill him before he runs out on me."  Seems like the
producer is upset about Rick planning to leave the show and
go to Hollywood...maybe he's sending the threats to scare
Rick into staying on the show...

There are two doors on the left side of the hall that you
can go to.  Both these doors have stars on them, and the
rooms belong to Mattie Jensen and Rick Arlen.  Mattie's the
only one there right now, so knock on her door and enter
her room.

Mattie tells you more about Rick.  Apparently the two of
them were the leads in a production of "Romeo and Juliet".
They dated while they were doing the play, but they stopped
dating when they got the leads on LOOL.

Mattie gives you someone to put on the suspect list: Yuri
Danner, Rory's evil twin brother on the soap opera!  Okay,
she was just kidding about that, because Yuri doesn't
really exist.  She then leaves to go to makeup so she can
film a scene for the show.

You get the room all to yourself now.  If you check her
table and behind her mirror, it's pretty obvious that she
has enough makeup to support a third-world country, so why
would she have to go to makeup before shooting a scene?
Unless she's the person threatening Rick, and she wanted an
excuse to escape Nancy's questions...

Also in her room is a script for the show (it's corny) and
a love letter for her that's written in French (also
corny).  On her dresser is a fan letter asking about what
she said about competition in the acting business, and
hidden in a box on her dresser is a ripped up note.

Nancy then has the puzzle of putting the pieces of the note
together.  You have to click on the left-hand side of a
piece of paper to rotate it.  Rotate all the pieces of
paper so the handwriting is facing the right direction,
then put the pieces in the right places (hint: the pieces
on the left/right hand sides have smooth left/right sides).

When you put the letter together (or not), it reads:

"Sorry that is has to work out like this--but there is no
choice at the moment.  You must trust me on this. We both
know what needs to be done, and I am taking the steps,
however drastic, to see that it is finished as we
discussed--I just need your support.  When all this blows
over and everything calms down, we can be together."

Well, geez, Mattie sure is looking suspicious right about
now...but there's no time for wondering what she's up to;
it's time for you to see them shoot the soap opera.  Leave
Mattie's room and head for the big gray doors.  Slide your
pass through the reader and you get to see them shoot a

Holy crap!  A klieg light falls down and almost kills Rick!
The work on the soap opera immediately ends, and Nancy is
left in an abandoned studio.  Explore the studio now.

There are two things that you need to make sure to do while
exploring.  First is taking a screwdriver from the
workbench area with tools, and the second is looking under
the coffee table on the set, where you can find a clamp
that was sawed in half.  Aha!  Sabotage!  The attempt to
kill Rick wasn't an accident after all!

Go see Mattie, but she's too freaked out by the murder
attempt to talk right now, so go see Rick instead.  Knock
on his door and he says "Come in" in French. he
the one who wrote Mattie the cheesy French love letter?

Rick is styling his hair, and as soon as he sees Nancy, he
tries to flirt with her.  Ew!  She already has a boyfriend,
one who isn't completely obsessed with himself!  Jeez, no
wonder someone's trying to kill this guy!

The only useful thing Rick tells Nancy is that the
chocolates weren't poisoned at all; they were just bad-
tasting.  Then he heads off to wardrobe.

Examine Rick's room.  Make sure to open the drawer in his
vanity area and take out the cheap 3-D classes he has
there.  Also make sure to check out the various threatening
letters he's gotten (for some reason, he keeps them
scattered around in his room).  You can also see the broken
clock and chocolates (complete with a hateful sonnet!) and
Rick's pile of signed photos.

Well, you've done a lot of work so far, but there's still
one thing you have to do before you call it quits.  Go see
Lillian, and she steals your pass, preventing you from
returning to the studio!  Darn!  Leave the studio and go
back to Mattie's.

Use your keys to get inside the apartment, and go through
the hall to talk to Mattie.  Mattie comes up with a
solution to the problem with Lillian: she's going to get
Nancy a job as an extra.  Mattie's agent, Dwayne Powers,
will take care of things in the morning.

Go to the phone that's by the table by the front door.
Mattie left you a note saying that Ned called.  Call Ned
back, and Nancy and Ned come up with an interesting theory
about the person threatening Rick: the person who wrote the
letters with cut-and-pasted magazine letters is not the
same person who wrote the typewritten letters.  They also
note that the typewritten letters were written by a
typewriter that drops the letter Y.

Call Bess to find out she's not at home, so call George
instead.  George tells you that Bess has left town for a
few days, which is why you couldn't reach her on the phone.
Great.  Go upstairs and choose "day" to skip ahead to the
next day.

Leave the apartment and head to the new place on the map,
which is Dwayne's apartment.  You have to buzz him in his
suite (Suite 101) twice in order to get him to open the
door.  Head inside and go down the halls to reach Dwayne.

Dwayne is a nice guy, even if he brags a bit too much.  He
thinks he's a big shot at WWB because he gave them their
best actors, Mattie Jensen and Rick Arlen.

But Dwayne doesn't like Rick anymore, ever since Rick
decided to get a new agent.  Dwayne says some mean things
about Rick, something about how Rick is obsessed with
climbing to the top of the ladder of success, and how he's
going to fall.  Sounds menacing...could he be the person
behind the death threats?

Dwayne kicks you out when the work is done, so go to WWB
and get your pass at the front desk.  Let's go rub this in
Lillian's face.  She's not too thrilled about you getting a
job at WWB or about knowing the falling light wasn't an
accident after all.

Head to the prop room.  Millie is there, but she forces you
to answer three riddles before you can explore.  The
riddles change depending on which game you're playing, so
I'll list all nine riddles here:

When you look at my face, it's easy to see,
You're looking at you when you're looking at me.

Answer: Mirror.

I run all day and never walk
I tell you something but I do not talk

Answer: Clock (or watch).

Soft as a petal that falls from a tree
The more I dry, the wetter I'll be

Answer: Towel.

What has a head and tail, but no body?

Answer: Coin.

Give it air and it will live
Give it water and it will die

Answer: Fire.

What has teeth but can't eat?

Answer: Comb. 

The more you make, the more you leave behind.

Answer: Footprints.

What is full of holes, but holds water?

Answer: Sponge.

What has four fingers and a thumb, but is not alive?

Answer: Glove.

When you answer the riddles, Millie is surprised that
you're such a sleuth, and then she disappears, never to be
seen again.  Weird.  Oh well, now you get to explore the
prop room!

You can explore this area on your own, but there are a few
things that you absolutely have to do in order to beat the
game.  The first is retrieving a pair of wire cutters from
the bottom-right corner of the map near the harp.  The
second is to get the oil can that's on the left shelf of
the niche that's left of the locked door.

Next, look in Millie's book log.  She's got a coded message
that says the following:

Many pages come before this,
In the log book with a clue,
But nothing comes after this,
Unless it's written on the glue.

Okay, Millie's completely insane.

Check the top-right corner of the notebook to get Millie's
computer log-on, which is username "Millie" and password
"WWB1958".  You can also see what props are missing from
the prop room, which apparently were stolen by the person
trying to kill Rick: a beard, moustache, adhesive, a
hacksaw, a tape recorder, alarm clock, and maracas.  You'll
see all of these things again before the game ends. 

You should note that the typewriter in this room drops the
letter Y, so whoever is threatening Rick is using this

Open the chest in the room to find an easy moving-block
game.  There are three poles, so you never have more than
two possible moves you can make, so it's pretty simple.
It's also pretty boring; on every second move, you have to
move the smallest ring all the way left or all the way

You get a hand for the clock on the stage set for all your
troubles.  Good.  Go to the set and put the clock hand on
the clock, setting it at the 11:00 position to get a key.

Against one of the walls is a ladder by a wheel.  Use the
oil can on the wheel, which sends the ladder down.  Climb
up the ladder and explore this area above the set.  Wait a that some torn fabric near the broken light?
AHA!  This has to be PROOF that the falling light was not
an accident!

Go to Mattie's room to talk to her about Dwayne.  She lets
you know that Rick and Dwayne don't like each other.  Well,
that wasn't very helpful.

Go to Mattie's apartment, and there's a note by the phone
that says to call Bess.  Do so, and you go every single one
of the suspects.  They are William Pappas (who's upset
about Rick breaking his contract with WWB to pursue a movie
career), Mattie Jensen (who has secretly been holding a
grudge ever since Rick and her broke up), Millie the Prop
Room Lady (because she's insane and because she owns the
typewriter the notes were written on), Lillian Weiss
(because she's a meanie, and, as Bess tells Nancy, Lillian
ALSO dated Rick and was VERY upset when he dumped her),
Dwayne Powers (who hates Rick), Rick (who could be doing it
to get publicity, which is why he wasn't upset about almost
being killed), and Rick's evil twin Yuri (just kidding).
So the suspect list has been narrowed to...everyone in the
game except for Ralph the security guard.  Great!  We're
making real progress!

Call George, who says to find a script that has something
to do with wire cutters.  She's referring to the script in
Mattie's room (if you flip the pages, you find a color
sequence).  Make sure to call Ned as well, who tells you to
find some other employees of Dwayne, which is no real help.

Hey, there's a package for Nancy on the chair by the phone!
It's from Hannah Gruen, the Drew family housekeeper!  The
package is a tape starring Rick.  Go to the TV in the
sitting room of the apartment, turn on the television using
the remote control, and put the tape in the VCR.

We see a short interview with Rick, who is evasive about
dating Mattie, dating some other celebrity, being stalked,
and his plans to go to Hollywood.  Fortunately, he's a
bucketful of charm, so the woman interviewing him doesn't
notice that he didn't answer her questions very well.

Skip ahead a day (by going up the stairs and choosing
"day") and then go to WWB.  Go to Rick's room and save your
game.  Written on the mirror in the room are the words "DIE
RICK!!!", which doesn't seem very nice.

There's a tape recorder by the mirror (the tape recorder
that was stolen from the prop room).  Play the message,
which is quite threatening and says that there's a bomb in
the room, about to blow him to pieces.

Time for some good old-fashioned Nancy Drew death-avoiding
(if you've read some of the Nancy Drew books, you'll notice
she gets into near-death situations a lot).  Zoom in on the
speaker of the tape recorder, and use the screwdriver to
unscrew the screws holding it together.

We see a bomb with a countdown.  Great.  Use the wire
cutters to cut the wires that are coming out of the top of
the countdown.  Cut the yellow wire, then the red one, then
the orange one, then the blue (this order is dictated by
the script in Mattie's room).  When there is a red outline
to the wire cutters, you can cut a line.

As soon as Nancy defuses the bomb, the police show up and
the scene skips to Nancy on the phone with Ned.  Apparently
the police detained Nancy at the station for a while.
Nancy gets another call, which is from the producer Bill
Pappas, who is grateful to Nancy for saving Rick's life.

You can talk to Bill about a bunch of things.  He refuses
to tell you the code to get into the back entrance.  When
you're done with talking to Bill, call Bess, George, Ned,
and Dwayne (Dwayne's number is 555-2900).

Bess suggests finding a way into Lillian's office to try
out Millie's computer log-on, and finding a surveillance
video in the control room.  George says to try to find the
code for the back entrance; they probably changed the lock
combinations due to the bomb scare, so a message about that
should be easy to find.  Ned says to examine the tape, and
Dwayne says a lot of mean things about Rick.  Dwayne also
sticks up for Bill Pappas and Millie the Prop Lady.

On the table left of the phone is a note for Mattie, from
Bill Pappas.  Hey, George was right about them changing the
locks!  The new combination is 3689.  Hmmmm...

Go upstairs and switch to night.  Go the WWB, and sneak
around back by going to the left.  Enter the code 3689 on
the machine and go inside the building.  Head to Lillian's
room and use your access card on the doorknob to get

You get to explore Lillian's room now.  Head to Lillian's
shelf on the wall opposite the door.  Inside her anger
management book (so she has anger management problems...not
too surprising) is a floppy diskette and a picture of her
with Rick.

Look inside Lillian's trashcan to find the sonnet that was
sent to Rick.  Grab the pencil by Lillian's stationery and
rub it across to the stationery to reveal the phone number
for Sopresa Chocolates.  AHA!  LILLIAN IS THE PERSON WHO

But this isn't proof she's trying to kill him, even though
she also has the maracas that went missing from the prop
room.  Let's see if the diskette has the proof we need.
Put the diskette into the computer and turn the computer
on.  Log on, using Millie's information, which is username
"Millie" and password "WWB1958".

The diskette just has a file about how upset she is that
Rick was just using her, instead of being serious about
dating her.  Use the printer to print a file, and click on
the key to find the password for the control booth (ACTOR).

Back away from the computer, then check to see what the
printer printed out.  It's a log of Rick's complaints
against WWB.  Well, gee, it doesn't seem that there is any
proof that Lillian was behind the murder attempts.  Dang.

The good news, however, is that we know the password to the
video control room.  but first, we need to crack the code
for this password.  There's a clipboard below the TV next
to the door in this room.  Look at the second piece of
paper on the clipboard (which is all red).  Use the 3-D
glasses on this piece of paper to read it.

The paper is a simple tic-tac-toe code.  Each of the nine
squares of the tic-tac-toe board stands for a different
letter.  You should write down how to spell ACTOR with this

That's all you have to do in Lillian's office, but just in
case, check everything else in the room, like the fax
machine and the address book. 

Leave Lillian's office and go to the set.  Go up the stairs
on the side of the studio to reach the video control booth.
Punch in the code ACTOR on the lock to gain access.  Inside
the booth, you can play with the tape machine to see if you
can recognize the person who made the tape (you can't).

Grab a video surveillance tape from the pile of tapes
(Nancy manages to get the correct tape out of pure luck).
See the HIGH VOLTAGE thing on the wall?  Use the key that
you got from the clock to open this up, then flip the
switch to turn the power on.

Leave the control booth and head for the ladder you
climbed up earlier.  Left of the ladder are locked doors on
the wall.  Open them with the key from the clock to find
the machine that controls the trap door.  To turn it on,
you have to get the three plugs in the proper position.  Do
this by moving the top one right, the left one right, the
top one right, the bottom one all the way right, and then
hitting the power button.

Okay, the trap door is now working!  Go to the stage, and
you'll find it behind the couch.  I imagine they got the
couch on the set by means of this trap door.  Pull the
lever and it lowers you into a tunnel.  Go through the
tunnel to the other end, and pull the lever to see where it
leads.'re in the locked part of the prop room!  The lost
and found, to be specific!  There appears to be a uniform
in here...wait a second...THE UNIFORM IS TORN!  Remember
how we saw torn fabric near the broken light?  Whoever
tried to kill Rick must have been using this uniform!

Check the pocket of the uniform.  It hides the ID tag,
which says the uniform belongs to Owen W. Spayder,
employee #318672001.  Aha!  Rush back to Lillian's office,
log onto the computer (username "Millie", password
"WWB1958") and look up employee #318672001.  Looks like
"Owen" was there every time something bad happened to Rick!

Okay, it looks like this mystery is winding down!  Go to
Mattie's apartment and watch the video surveillance tape.
Owen Spayder is using the beard and moustache as a disguise
(and the adhesive to keep them on).  Owen also walks like a
complete freakazoid.

Now we need to figure out who Owen is.  Our best bet is to
get information on him through Dwayne Powers, because, in
case you didn't notice, Owen was hired by Powers Talent
Agency.  See, because Owen Spayder got his disguise from
the prop room, Dwayne has to know what Owen looks like
without the disguise, because Owen had to have been hired
before he could get access to the prop room.

If you call Dwayne, he doesn't give you useful information
on Owen, so it looks like our next plan of attack is to
sneak into Dwayne's office while he's away.  If it's still
nighttime, go to Dwaynes and buzz Hess Grumbly in room 306.
He's expecting pizza, so he lets you in.

Go down the hall and use your pass on the doorknob to get
inside Dwayne's office.  Explore around a bit.  He's got a
French lexicon that proves he wrote the sappy love letter
to Mattie in French.  He's also got a fortune cookie with a
fortune about revenge written in code (the code is composed
of putting spaces where they don't belong), which is weird.

In the right drawer of his desk is a diagram of the bomb
that was in Rick's room.  Okay, that's totally suspicious.
Open up Dwayne's briefcase, using the code 4377-6630 (which
you can find in the wallet in the pocket of Dwayne's coat
in the corner of the room).  The stuff in the briefcase
lets us know that Dwayne is seriously broke, so he has
nothing to lose from killing Rick.

Nancy steals the keys from Dwayne's briefcase, which you
can use to open his dressers.  Read up on the files for
Mattie, Rick, and Owen Spayder.  Also, check the middle
dress drawer to find the spirit gum which was stolen from
the prop room, and...a plane ticket to get out of the
country.  Hmmm...looks like Dwayne's planning on making a
fast escape! 

Go back to Mattie's apartment to find a ticking package for
you.  Not another bomb!  Open it up to find that it's just
the alarm clock that was stolen from the prop room.  Phew!
Skip to the next day, then leave for the studio and go back
to Mattie's.

Note: If you don't find the package, try calling everyone,
talking to everyone, re-examining everything everwhere,
skipping ahead a few days, just in case that works.  This
game is picky, and if you don't do certain tiny things
(such as looking at all four papers inside Dwayne's
briefcase), it refuses to send the package/phone call to

Lillian calls, asking you to meet her at the studio at
night.  Call all of Nancy's friends, then switch to night
and sneak in the studio.  You should save your game before
entering the studio. 

At the studio, Lillian says that she's gotten a threatening
letter!  Oh my!  Read it to see that...hey...the person who
wrote this letter is probably Dwayne, as he mentions Rick
falling off of a ladder just like Dwayne did.

Lillian asks you to name the culprit.  You can name whoever
you want (except Yuri), and then the evil bad guy gets
revealed.  It turns out that Rick sent the B.T. Kaisuur
letters to himself for publicity, Lillian sent the bad
chocolates, and Dwayne tried to kill Rick.

Speaking of killing, Dwayne now tries to kill you.  This
happens at the end of Nancy Drew games, I've noticed.  Head
for the exit and set off the fire alarm.  That should alert

Oh no!  You're still stuck inside!  Back up twice and hit
the vacuum door lock override.  A pad shows up.  You have
to hit the six buttons in the right order (when you hit a
correct button, a triangle appears) to open the door.  Do
this as fast as you can, because if you take too long,
Dwayne comes down and kills you!

If you hit all the buttons in time, Ralph comes in to save
Nancy and Lillian from Dwayne.  Dwayne then gets arrested,
so you've beaten the game.  Yay!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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