Super Sleuths! 2

Super Sleuths! 2

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys:  Super Sleuths!
Volume 2 cover art
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
Super Sleuths! 2

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys join forces once more in these seven original new stories. Action packed, full of suspense and adventure, each story contains a tricky and dangerous new case for Nancy Frank and Joe. Join them as they track down devilishly clever criminals, ferret out clues, and try to escape the deadly traps set for them by desperate culprits.

Can they unravel the mystery behind:

  • A mysterious video tape and a race against time for Nancy?
  • Phantom scuba divers with crime on their minds?

Stories included:

  • Old Masters
  • Phantom Thieves
  • A Good Knight’s Work
  • Purge
  • HB
  • A Trail of Diamonds
  • Danger in the Sky

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