Tell Me the Truth

Tell Me the Truth

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 4
Tell Me the Truth cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 4
Tell Me the Truth

Nancy’s full of questions… and unlike some people she wants honest answers!

Isn’t it time she came up with a big feature story for the campus paper? What exactly does fellow reporter Jake Collins want from her? Is her budding romance with Peter Goodwin about to blossom — or shrivel? And what about Ned, calling her up and bringing back such bittersweet memories? How much more complicated can Nancy’s life get?  Plenty.

Peter’s not telling her the whole truth about his past, and she wants to know why. George may take a major step with boyfriend Will, and it could spell heartbreak. And someone at Wilder has stolen a bio exam. If Nancy doesn’t find out who, it could be Bess who faces failure. Nancy has her work cut out for her, but she’s not about to fail the test.

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