The Phantom of Venice

The Phantom of Venice

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Book 78
The Phantom of Venice cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 78
The Phantom of Venice

Can Nancy reveal what lurks beneath the murky canals of romantic Venice?

Romantic Venice provides the backdrop for Nancy’s latest fast-paced adventure. The winding canals, ancient public squares, and Renaissance palaces hold the clues to a kidnapping case that has the Venetian police stumped. Also, the murder of an American artist has never been solved, and it’s up to Nancy to track down the culprits. Could the two cases be connected?

A world-renowned glassblower has been kidnapped, putting his life in danger and holding up the sale of his glass factory. Nancy thinks the criminals are after more than just the ransom, but needs the help of an attractive American man working at the glass factory to prove it. Gianni, an alluring but far-too-egotistical Italian, keeps Nancy on her toes, and on her guard, as she feels the pervading sense of danger mount. Can Nancy solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

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