The Ringmaster’s Secret (revised text)

The Ringmaster’s Secret (revised text)

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Book 31 The Ringmaster's Secret (revised text) cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 31
The Ringmaster’s Secret

Nancy is given a beautiful gold bracelet and finds that one of the charms is missing.

When she learns the unusual story behind the jewelry, she sets out to solve the fascinating mystery.

The bracelet had been presented to a former circus performer by a queen who loved horses.

For some reason, the performer had to sell the bracelet but would not reveal her true identity.

Clues lead Nancy to Sims’ Circus, where she meets Lolita, an unhappy young aerialist who has a horse charm wrought exactly like those on Nancy’s bracelet.

Will Nancy be able to find the original owner of the bracelet?

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