The Secret of the Knight’s Sword

The Secret of the Knight’s Sword

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys:  Be a Detective Mystery Stories Book 1
The Secret of the Knight's Sword cover art

Now YOU can be a part of the investigative team when you help your favorite sleuths solve one of their most intriguing cases. Join Nancy Drew and Frank and Joe hardy as they try to solve the theft of a priceless sword in the country castle of a deceased English count.

Nancy and the Hardys are determined to crack the case, and it’s up to you to guide them past the dangerous obstacles in their path. The thief refuses to let the young detectives interfere with his nefarious scheme. Should they pursue the clues to London, or stay at Bromley Hall? Should the Hardys search for Nancy when she suddenly disappears, or can she escape by herself? Only YOU can decide!

Filled with suspense, surprise endings, and lots of fun, The Secret of the Knight’s Sword is a Be a Detective Mystery Story you won’t be able to put down!

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