The Tortoise and the Scare

The Tortoise and the Scare

Nancy Drew Clue Book - Book 11
The Tortoise and the Scare cover art
Nancy Drew Clue Book – Book 11
The Tortoise and the Scare

Who Took the Tortoise?

THE SCENE: River Heights Wildlife Center

THE FACTS: Nancy’s class is visiting their local wildlife rescue center. They get to see all types of animals!

THE CRIME: Rainbow the tortoise is missing! The gate was locked, and she’s not in any of her favorite hiding places. Where did she go?


  • Abby, a six-year-old found at the scene of the crime
  • Twins Harry and Liam, new kids in town and big pranksters
  • An unknown volunteer seen carrying a large, moving duffel bag

THE MISSION: It’s up to the Clue-Crew–and you–to find out!

Help Nancy and her friends find a missing tortoise in the eleventh book in the interactive Nancy Drew Clue Book mystery series.

Nancy, Bess, and George have been looking forward to their school trip to the Wildlife Refuge for weeks. They’ve been studying all the different animals they’ll see there—pygmy hedgehogs, scarlet macaws, and ball pythons. Nancy is most excited to see the sixty-year-old tortoise—that hard-shelled creature is older than her dad. But when her class reaches the enclosure they find out the tortoise is on the loose!

Nancy and her friends are on the case. Can they save the day before the class trip is over? Or will this sneaky reptile outsmart them all?

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