The Triple Hoax

The Triple Hoax

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Book 57
The Triple Hoax cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 57
The Triple Hoax

Aunt Eloise Drew invites Nancy, Bess, and George to New York to help a friend who has been swindled out of a sizable sum of money.

There the girls see a performance of the Hoaxters, a magicians’ group who stun their audiences by clever sleight-of-hand tricks.

Because the magicians temporarily remove people’s wallets and handbags, Nancy feels the actors aren’t above suspicion. Her hunch is borne out and a whirlwind chase ensues.

Nancy, Bess, and George track the Hoaxters to Mexico City, where Nancy is asked to help find a kidnapped child. The young sleuths follow a lead to Los Angeles where danger confronts them at every turn. Their enemies resort to theft – even arson – to scare them off the case.

With courage and clever deduction, however, Nancy and her friends outmaneuver their cunning adversaries and, after solving the puzzle fo the Triple Hoax, bring them to justice.

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