The Whispering Statue (original text)

The Whispering Statue (original text)

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Book 14 The Whispering Statue (original text) cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 14
The Whispering Statue

Nancy, Bess, and George find a stray dog en route to the opening ceremonies of a new city park.

And the troublesome terrier causes havoc when it carries the handbag of one of the guest speakers into a nearby pond.

After Nancy retrieves the handbag, she learns that Mrs. Owen is looking for her estranged husband, who may be in a little seaside community.

Thus, Nancy, her father, and her friends Bess and George, take a little vacation to Sea Cliff.

On the train-ride there, the girls observe Miss Morse, an elderly woman, conversing with a young man, and suspect he may be trying to Swindle her.

Once they reach Sea Cliff, Nancy speaks with Miss Morse, but is left feeling perplexed when Miss Morse acknowledges she is being swindled, but dismisses her.

Despite the rebuff, Nancy continues her search for both the suspected criminal and Mrs. Owen’s vanished husband.

While on the hunt, Nancy and her friends discover a deserted estate with a fascinating statue of a woman in a whispering pose.

The statue bears an uncanny resemblance to Nancy!

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