Time Thief

Time Thief

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - Book 28
Time Thief cover art
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew – Book 28
Time Thief

About 30 years ago, the students of River Heights Elementary buried a time capsule with toys and bits and pieces of their daily lives.  Today, Nancy and her schoolmates are gathering together to watch Principal Newman dig it up.  They even have a special guest on hand for the occasion, Mona Mandrake, the president of Sapphire Toys.  Her company is the manufacturer of Margie dolls and one of the first to be made is supposed to be in the time capsule.  The key phrase here is “supposed to be”…

A mystery for the history books!

River Heights Elementary School has been waiting a generation for this day to come. All the kids in Mrs. Ramirez’s class, including Nancy Drew and her friends Bess and George, have gathered to watch Principal Newman dig up the time capsule that was buried over 30 years ago. But, when it’s unearthed, a very important vintage doll is missing from the capsule. How is that possible? It’s been buried this whole time. Did a classmate steal it before the dig? Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on the case!

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