Trail of Lies

Trail of Lies

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 53
Trail of Lies cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 53
Trail of Lies

Nancy answers the call
of the wild — and finds a
kidnapper is calling the shots

Nancy and George join Carson Drew on a visit to Anchorage shipping magnate Henry Wilcox, and they’re thrilled by the idea of seeing Alaska. But the thrills quickly turn to chills when the police accuse Wilcox of using his ships to smuggle ivory — and George is kidnapped to warn Nancy off the case!

Although convinced of Henry Wilcox’s innocence, Nancy discovers a connection between the smuggling scheme and a dog sled race in which his son is a contestant. As race day nears, Nancy knows that she and George are the ones sledding on thin ice. She must find a way to unmask the smuggler before the trail to the ivory — and to her friend — goes cold.

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