Trail of the Twister Walkthrough (Video)

Youtube user arglefumph has created a 21-video Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister walkthrough.

Part 1:  Off to Oklahoma!

Part 2: Scott, Debbie and the County Siren Puzzle

Part 3: Chase the Mechanic

Part 4: Ma and Pa’s General Store

Part 5: Inside the Mystery Box

Part 6: Frosty Harlow

Part 7: Day Two, Corn Fields and Clouds

Part 8: Circuit Boards

Part 9: Pa’s Puzzles

Part 10: Brooke Tavannah

Part 11: Saving the Prairie Dogs

Part 12: Fixing Frosty’s Camera

Part 13: Fixing the Antennas

Part 14: The Gear Puzzle and Frosty the Drama Queen

Part 15: Nancy the Pied Piper

Part 16: Fixing Scott’s Phone

Part 17: Confronting Chase, Fixing the TV

Part 18: Confronting Frosty, Doppler Puzzle

Part 19: Colored Cables

Part 20: Where’s Scott?

Part 21: The End

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