Update on Crime

Update on Crime

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 78
Update on Crime cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 78
Update on Crime

Reporting live for Channel 9 News,
it’s Nancy Drew. Assignment:
Trackdown a video avenger

Someone’s out to deep-six WRVH’s TV anchorman Hal Taylor. A series of death threats directed at handsome Hal have put the entire station on edge. The solution: bring Nancy Drew on board to work undercover as an investigative reporter. She’ll be in the perfect position to get the inside story on who wants to cut Taylor out of the picture.

Nancy finds the evening news to be filled with violence, ambition, and greed — and that’s just behind the camera. On the set, Taylor’s the star of the show, an easy target, and Nancy knows that more than one career is in danger. If she doesn’t break the story soon, the lead on tomorrow’s newscast could be “Murder on WRVH!”

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