Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 34
Vanishing Act cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 34
Vanishing Act

When a rock idol becomes
the invisible man, Nancy
makes a guest appearance

Superstar Jesse Slade has been missing for three years — until Nancy spots a clue on the videotape of Slade’s last concert. She and her friends George and Bess fly to California to find out what really happened to the rock singer.

The first bombshell is that Slade’s manager, Tommy Road, vanished at the same time. Posing as a VJ at a rock TV station, Nancy digs deeper into the music scene. Riches and fame are tempting prizes, but can they lead to murder? Nancy uncovers the answer in a deadly sound studio that pumps out killer music. All oldies…but baddies.

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